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AKA TO BLUE is a unique arcade-style shooting game with beautifully drawn anime graphics for all shoot ’em-up lovers. In AKA TO BLUE, you can slash and bomb your way through five levels and protect your ship with the auto-bomb, laser weapons, and your extraordinary strategies. With a wide range of weapons, enemies, and ways to upgrade your ship, AKA TO BLUE has all the excitement, complexity, and really well-made graphics of a classic space-shooting game.

The Backdrop

Aka to Blue lets players join a fierce battle between two teams in one place. You can only join if you have a plane with guns and powerful weapons. Whether things are chaotic or not will depend on what you do during your campaign this time. Different stories about different types of ammunition, the damage caused by bombs, and the rewards you get after defeating the enemy will be shared as you face and overcome the danger.

Game Highlights

AKA TO BLUE is an awesome game made with colorful anime graphics that you can play in your free time, anywhere and anytime. Get ready for easy-to-use controls and exciting challenges, and show off your skill and focus by shooting at your opponents. Here you need to protect yourself from enemy attacks and also use strong bombs to attack your opponents, and it will challenge you to dodge all the shots and fight back against all the foes.


🛸 Simple arcade gameplay

You only have 3 lives and 3 bombs to finish each level. So, you need to be fast and shoot well to destroy the enemies. We made it easy for you to control the game with just one finger. You can crush enemy squadrons and enjoy high-quality graphics. The simple gameplay will keep you hooked until the end.

💣 Survive challenging foes

In AKA TO BLUE, you should always move and doge swiftly & smoothly through lots of bullets. Cut through the bullets in this exciting up-and-down shooting game, and destroy the enemy’s bullets with bombs using just your finger. When you pass the level, you can earn points by dodging lots of bullets. Don’t forget to use your bomb and recharge your bomb quickly to stop enemy attacks and get high scores. The secret to staying alive is right at your fingertips.

🚀 Massive smooth operation combos

Players will use their fingers to move the warship, and you can create synergy with specific operations. When you keep pressing the death button, you will keep shooting bullets. With just a few simple moves, players could steer the ship and keep it flying for a really long time. You will always have enough fuel to keep your fighting spirit strong. Are little enemy ships making it hard for you to move around? Fight them directly to take them down!


✨Great soundtrack and visuals ever

Complete missions, upgrade your ship and make accurate shots to the sound of a unique mix of music genres and great stunning graphics. All this without worrying about GAME OVER! Show your signs to the world!


Just like with other TV shows, you must have permission to watch Aka to Blue, and the system only works with some types of operating systems. Since this game is like one you play on a fancy game console but made for phones, you have to follow this rule, which be shown with names that have been tested or with reliable performance. Also, using your mobile device while it’s charging, having a low battery level (below 30%), or being in a place for a long time can all affect the connection.

Download and get on your ship and fight for the survival of the human race!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: AKA TO BLUE v1.2.0
  • Category: Arcade
  • Developer: 株式会社タノシマス
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0
  • MOD: Menu: God Mode
  • Size: 145.0MB



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