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Akadi (Code Xeno) v1.2.6 MOD APK(High Damage, Weak Enemy)

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Akadi: Idle RPG is a multiplayer fantasy game with idle RPG mechanics. Collect heroes, upgrade their equipment and skills, send them to idle battles, or tap them to defeat evil bosses! Explore the mythical fantasy world by expanding your collection, commanding your faithful people, and transforming from original monsters to your favorite allies. This 3D Idle clicker RPG allows you to create your army, craft special weapons, upgrade & balance your teams, and go on an exciting adventure through many levels filled with scary monsters and chaos!

The Background

You are the new king of a wide range of islands being able to control the entire battle. Every island on the map looks very pretty, like a poem, and very calm when you look at it from above. But inside, many soldiers are being sent into the violent world of war. One wrong decision can cost them their lives. They will leave their blood on the battlefield. Give clear instructions to each group of faithful soldiers. You can decide to protect the land by staying far inside the country or guard the border from the top of your country. Your ending in Akadi: Idle RPG will vary based on each person’s strategy.

Game Flow

By clicking a few times, you can make your monsters fight on their own, so you can relax and watch them get better. This game is great for busy players who want to have fun with a role-playing game without having to spend a lot of time playing.

☆ Make plans of attack and defense

Throughout the game, you will keep making choices about where to put your troops on the land. Choosing where to start the battle is an important part of combat strategy. It’s time for you to use and control your big and small defenses when the evil force comes. By watching where your soldiers are and making them respond to different battle situations, you have to stay calm and think about how to go from being quiet to being involved in the fighting.

☆ Come up with evacuation plans

Along with making a plan to attack and defend, you also need to decide how to evacuate people in really urgent and dangerous situations. When the bad guys come, it’s your turn to use and control your big and small defenses. By watching where your troops are and making them respond to different battle situations, you need to calm down and figure out how to switch from being defensive to taking action.

☆ Enhance powerful and epic heroes

As you explore later in the game, you will unlock and collect new heroes, each with their own special powers and personalities. You can improve your favorite characters with lots of different things to make them very powerful.

☆ Defeat strong enemies

In a world where dangerous enemies are everywhere, you are the hero who has been picked to fight for what’s right and save the world from chaos and harm. Thus, you need to try different strategies and techniques to defeat tough enemies. Use your intelligence to overcome them. There are many different ways to play the game for lots of fun and excitement.

Key Features

  • Thrilling superhero gathering: Gather strong heroes to be part of your team and fight together with them. Have fun looking at the pretty pictures and awesome abilities. Teach them slowly to become an amazing team that will travel all over the planet Akadi.
  • Simple gameplay: The battle is easy and relaxed, with no hard work, stress, or pressure, just calm and peaceful. You don’t have to work hard to get rewards, you can easily gain benefits in a short amount of time. Just wiggle your fingers and you can win whenever you want.
  • Deep strategy system: Carefully planned development of characters with strong abilities. Try different strategies, use different ways to improve, and use your intelligence to defeat powerful enemies. There are also lots of different ways to play the game for lots of fun and never-ending adventures.
  • Gorgeous graphics: Great character designs, beautiful scenery, and impressive battle effects.
  • PVP chaos: Discover your friends in the group and explore a new world with them. Compete against other players in PVP mode and use your tactics and abilities to win.

Download and battle your way through an epic story in Akadi: Idle RPG now!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Akadi: Idle RPG v1.2.6
  • Category: Role Playing
  • Developer: Cat Decided Technology
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0
  • MOD: Menu: High Damage, Weak Enemy
  • Size: 1.16GB



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