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Akinator VIP is the leading fun and exciting puzzle game that has the excellence of perusing your intellect. It can be demonstrated so astonishing and one cannot accept how exactly this app peruses your minds. You’ll have fun and satisfaction with your companions and family, once you’ve downloaded this app.

Genie is a well-known character in the series called “One Thousand and One Nights. ” He can grant the desires of whoever owns him and is very smart. Many people have wanted to meet the Genie at least once to see if they really have such great power. This might sound like a made-up story, but it can actually happen in the game Akinator VIP. In this game, a genie named Akinator will show up. Make sure to use this chance to talk with this very wise god to improve your thinking skills and gain important lessons.


Akinator can read your thoughts and will try to challenge your thinking. You should be smart, caring, and mischievous enough to avoid being understood by this god. Akinator will give you puzzles about humans and animals in any subject you can imagine. The puzzles will be about famous people or fictional cartoon characters, which are incredibly imaginative.

  • Unlimited Creativity

This game also enthusiastically lets you customize the magic feature. The game will show players how to put hats and clothes together. This is the secret weapon that will help you have a special and remarkable genie in the world, where you can change a regular genie into one that looks special and impressive.

Hats and clothes come in many different styles and options, and there are endless choices available. Specifically, there are over 12 hats and 13 different clothes. Everyone will assist you in making the dreams and endless artistic imagination of millions of players worldwide come true.

  • Endless Coins

In every new game, players will get reward coins, which are helpful for making difficult guesses and for customizing the game, genie, and backgrounds. You’re driven into daily challenges, and the more you win, the more you get the prestigious rewards of the Aki gold board to collect a tremendous sum of cash that makes you claim numerous curious things behind, open the remaining entryways, and make more valuable accounts.

  • Diverse Transformation

Furthermore, you have the option to utilize Geniz. For those who don’t know, this is considered one of the best features when getting players for the top-quality creative wallpaper system. You can choose any color you want for Geniz, including blue. Moreover, the genie also brings you numerous unexpected things that you cannot even imagine. I want to let you know that the genie can transform into different characters like a vampire, cowboy, or even a man who loves dancing disco.

  • Versatile Challenges

In Akinator VIP, challenges will be given in each level from easier to harder one by one. As the level increases, you’ll get more lucrative rewards. The idea behind Akinator VIP is to guess pictures and characters accurately. Depending on what the game screen needs, the player will slowly choose a random character and give clues to the Genie.

You can also compete with players from all over the world and try to beat them to have your name displayed on the leaderboards. Show that you are the best player by beating all of the other players and putting your name on the high-ranking awards list. How would you feel when your name is written on the wall of honor?

Now the best mind-reading game available for you. Download and get ready to vanquish the Genie.

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  • Latest Version: Akinator VIP v8.5.26
  • Category: Puzzle
  • Developer: Elokence SAS
  • Price: Free
  • Requires: Android 5.0+
  • Size: 47.0MB



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