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Ala Mobile GP is a brand-new Formula One racing game featuring fast-paced and exciting gameplay, and the essence of old-school racing games with versatile stunning visuals. The realistic pictures of the fast cars and cool racetracks, made possible by great graphics, and the improved driving experience will get you excited to drive hundreds of high-powered cars. Just race across a variety of tracks in various game modes to beat yourself and compete on Ala Mobile GP!

Exciting Formula 1 Car Races

In Ala Mobile GP, you will have fun racing in fast Formula One cars and you can drive different cars and pass other players at higher and higher speeds. Meanwhile, each player will take turns trying to handle the situation carefully, so they don’t give other players a chance to move ahead.

🚗 About the speed and gears

The Formula One car will keep getting faster and you will see two numbers in the corner of the screen showing the gear and speed. The car will go faster as the gear increases, and the quiz will show the speed level. This is a Formula One racing car that can go faster than 200 km/h, and you have to keep this speed.

🚓 Realistic racing

A good handling engine of Ala Mobile GP makes racing feel more modern and realistic, which adds excitement to every moment on the track. To give players a more realistic experience when driving a Formula One racing car, they can change to a first-person view. You will see the driver’s arm always moving towards the steering wheel.

🚕 Outplay massive opponents

Various opponents will keep you moving quickly, and you have to concentrate on dealing with the different changes. Certainly, the other players will keep making it hard for you as you try to catch up to them and beat them to win the game. You need to handle these turns carefully to keep your speed from slowing down a lot. Similarly, if the vehicle turns, its speed will slow down. After you control the car, keep going faster so the other driver can’t catch up to you.

🏍 Strategy matters

Make smart choices that can affect your chance of winning, like picking the best tires and adjusting your engine settings.

Key Features

  • The top online racing game and service in the world with amazing features and functions.
  • The racing competition is where you can race against real people in one place.
  • Ala Mobile GP has different tracks of different lengths and features that you will learn about before racing. The race track changes as the race goes on, just like in real racing.
  • Keeping up your speed in this game is hard for players because a lot of things can slow you down, like turning corners.
  • Training and timed racing competitions for practice and qualification.
  • Different tracks have different characteristics and curves that need to be handled carefully while maintaining high speeds.
  • Gamers can personalize their cars with unique designs, and they can change them however they want.
  • There are lots of cars of different models available for you to choose from. These cars are made with the help of racing teams and real physics. They have official permission to be used.
  • Exact copies of the best race tracks in the world, made with laser scans and officially approved.
  • Regularly get new and better mod features for free.

You will drive fast through famous places all over the world, compete against other drivers, and try to beat your best lap times. Can you drive really well in a race and win? Download the game now to have fun playing with others and win by skillful play at the game and taking risks!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Ala Mobile GP v6.7.0
  • Category: Racing
  • Developer: CVi Games
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0
  • MOD: Menu: Paid Features Unlocked
  • Size: 672.0MB



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