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Alchademy is an alchemist simulator where you create mysterious magic and endless fun by physically interacting with in-game tools and ingredients. In Alchademy, you can screen with your friends to see all the cool things that show up, and your magical dreams will come true and be written in your special book.

When you’re tired from studying or working hard, you should come to Alchademy which will make a special place for you and let you make your wishes. Every magic show will amaze and delight you with lots of fun and excitement.


  • With casual gameplay, Alchademy will chase your pressure and tiredness away, and it will give you a boost of good energy. Also, you will feel relaxed and comfortable after experiencing the enjoyable activities here.
  • Physical interaction with materials and equipment has never been this hyper-satisfying.
  • Join in exciting levels that are full of mystery and fun and it’s up to you how best to complete each level. You will receive valuable lessons and meaningful rewards after finishing difficult tasks in the game.
  • Players need to use their imagination and find new ways to win the game in a special and effective way.
  • You can ask more friends to join us in playing so that we can have more competition and make the game even more enjoyable.
  • Leaves, flowers, fruits, roots, and minerals are ready for your mortar and pestle.
  • Always be able to change the magic as needed, and you can pick a book from a personal alchemist to learn from.
  • Learn the spells well to make the best and most mysterious periods based on how each person plays.


Game Flow

Your main task in Alchademy is to come up with a clever plan and create amazing magic with your imagination. Everyone has their own way of using their imagination to think of new ideas. After finishing the job on time, you can be happy with the outcome.

◉ Learn the art of magic-making

Concoct your magic plan. Grind up the ingredients and carefully mix them in your pot. Make the coals hot, heat, and mix. Put in the main ingredient: water, oil, or another option. Congratulations on making your first magic and more crystals. Did you find it easy to learn? Now, try to get really good at making it.

◉ Finish tasks at your own pace

In Alchademy, you can have fun doing exciting missions with lots of different levels. You need to come up with a clever plan to make really amazing magic. Everyone has their own way of growing their imagination. Also, when you get no cards up your sleeve, it’s good to learn from other players to gain valuable experience and pass the level.


◉ Experiment and invent new recipes

Carefully plan your route via the Alchademy to combine different and magical effects. Don’t forget the common sense: you won’t find a market for ordinary magic, right? Have fun and enjoy this cool space by using the game’s features and being creative with your basic knowledge.

◉ Design your own magic style

Alchademy allows you to build your own special magic styles. With your modern and spiritual style, you can create powerful and magical energy. Use what you know and the game’s rules to pass each level easily and happily. You can also study and explore the work of well-known authors to discover their special talent and make it your own. Let’s put them together to make the most mysterious kind of magic!

Download Alchademy to unravel the whole great alchemy wheel and begin your alchemical journey now.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Alchademy v3.34.7
  • Category: Casual
  • Developer: HyperBeard
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Menu: Free Purchase
  • Size: 76.0MB



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