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Alchemica – Crafting RPG is a third-person alchemist simulator with match-3 puzzle and RPG elements. Explore the world and dungeons, gather rare ingredients, and choose your contracts wisely because they will shape the world, sell them in your store, and utilize items you craft to battle with and fend off enemies. In Alchemica – Crafting RPG, you can brew your destiny, and be the most powerful alchemist of all time!


The Background

You will enter the kingdom of Rohendil, where there exist lots of evil spells and rituals. Even though there hasn’t been a big fight for a long time, good leaders should still worry about a growing danger. You will take on the role of Charlotte, a young alchemist who wants to open a small store to sell her items when she goes back to her hometown. No one knows what will happen to the main character or how much she will have to deal with…

Versatile Gameplay

Alchemica – Crafting RPG is one-of-a-kind because it mixes parts of role-playing games, tycoon games, and puzzle games. If you work hard, you could even become an explorer. Battle against many scary enemies as you go on a journey through the dark world.

Drawn by hand and made to look like an old-fashioned role-playing game, the story of Alchemica – Crafting RPG is interesting and there are many charming characters that you can interact with.

> Discover a world full of ancient recipes & ingredients

You must be patient and hungry for knowledge. Fortunately, you are not alone. Your special mentor will help you explore the ancient secrets of wisdom and art. Read different recipe books to learn how to make many different kinds of food.

> Run your store

You can become an alchemist shop and make items for your customers. Manage the team, collect many ingredients, and collect coins to build the alchemy shop of your dreams. Use your money to upgrade your shop so you can make more challenging items and magics for your customers. Learning alchemy store management can help improve your business skills, and how you interact with customers, and make you better at alchemy.

> Craft items

Customers will need different remedies based on their needs, so be prepared to create all kinds of potions and elixirs. Look at the next page and put the correct ingredients in the cauldron according to the recipe in the book. Also, you can unlock and craft more items by solving the in-game match-3 puzzles.

> Explore randomized dungeons

Venture outside the warm and safe world of the Alchemica house to discover all kinds of secrets, meet unique NPCs, and collect unique ingredients! Get ready for random dungeons, old portals, turn-based fights, lots of gems, and gameplay you’re familiar with. You have to go into dangerous places, collect what you need, and battle tough bosses. People who need the things and supplies can buy them from the store.

> Use them yourself

During your adventures, you might need to heal, have a lot of strength, jump really high, or even fly. You can help yourself by drinking one of your potions. You can also throw every potion to make a change in the environment. Those who want collectibles and objects can buy them in your shop, and as a result, your shop can thrive quickly. Do good things, or not-so-good things, or just have fun – the whole world is where you can play and have fun.

Download Alchemica – Crafting RPG and start your new journey as an alchemist now!

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