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Alchemy Merge is a captivating and puzzle-packed game where you merge different elements to discover and create new ones. Face challenges as a student of a magic master and strive to shoulder the mission of an alchemist. With gorgeous visuals and addictive gameplay, Alchemy Merge will keep you entertained for hours as you rein your imagination and solve puzzles. Craft the entire world from fire, water, earth, and air to life!


The backdrop

Alchemy Merge will bring you to a mysterious world and the mission of an alchemist. When you walk into this place, it feels like you’re entering a lab with important things from nature, sky, and ground. You are a student of a successful master who created the four elements of fire, water, earth, and air. Your job is to make the master happy by finding and learning about as many things as you can.

Game Highlights

The mobile game market is always changing, and new fun games come out every month. A puzzle game called Alchemy Merge has caught the interest of players who like puzzle games because it is a combination of alchemy and solving puzzles to create a fun challenging and immersive experience.

▪ A brand-new puzzle game

Alchemy Merge is a game where you have to put together different things to make new things. The game has a board with squares on it. Players can move things around and put them together to make new things. The aim of the game is to combine all the elements to get the best score possible and unveil the secrets of alchemy.

▪Creating new formulas

Additionally, Alchemy Merge also lets you create various healing plants and harmful poisons that can hurt living things, including people. So, be very careful when making it, or else the results could be very serious and unexpected. You can also use your superpower to make new plants and animals by combining genetics from test tubes.

▪Deep upgrade system

  • Level-based progression

Challenges will gently increase difficulties as you go through the game. New things are added to make the game more challenging, which keeps you always trying to get better at the game and coming back for more.

  • Rewards

When players combine elements and make the game more complicated, they get rewarded with virtual money and extra rewards which can be used to get special power-ups and boosts that can help players beat hard levels and get higher scores. The in-game daily or weekly challenges will provide you with additional chances to win more!

▪Better visual and audio design

Alchemy Merge has bright and colorful pictures that look really nice, and when players put them together on the game board, they come to life. Furthermore, Alchemy Merge also has a great soundtrack and sound effects that go well with the game. The calming music and nice sound effects make the game feel really nice and help you have a fun time playing.

Game Flow

  • The game board has a grid where players can move things in four directions – up, down, left, and right.
  • When two things that are the same are joined together, they make something new and more complicated. For instance, if you combine two water elements, you get a steam element. Then, if you combine two steam elements, you get a cloud element.
  • As the players go through the game, they need to think carefully about their moves to get the best score and reach the highest level of difficulty.
  • As players combine elements, the game board gets more crowded and it becomes harder to find the right matches.
  • Players have to decide which things to combine and when because there is not a lot of space on the game board.

Would you be able to craft innovative items by merging? To resolve every challenge? Download Alchemy Merge and you will never run out of ideas here!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Alchemy Merge v2.0.69
  • Category: Puzzle
  • Developer: Pavel Ilyin
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0
  • MOD: Menu: Unlimited Hints
  • Size: .10.0MB



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