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Alice Gear Aegis  v1.73.1 MOD APK(God Mode, One Hit)

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Alice Gear Aegis is a hand-drawn 3D action-packed adventure that emphasizes fast-paced combat with diversified anime-style girl character builds and a gripping and charming story set in a fantasy world. With the in-game gacha system, you can summon various beautiful female characters and build an unbeatable girl squad.

Key Features

  • Simple gameplay: Alice Gear Aegis is a game where you can move girl characters and fight against identified enemies. You can control it by just moving your finger and tapping on the screen. You can play this game with just one hand and easily control the actions accurately. Players will definitely enjoy what this game has to offer.
  • Charming characters: Players will help anime-style girls in Alice Gear Aegis to defeat evil forces. They have powerful tools and weapons to move through the air with ease.
  • Players will join the cute anime-style girls in Alice Gear Aegis to defeat bad guys. They have powerful tools and weapons to move easily through the air.
  • Diversified character builds: Use the power of beaten enemies to learn new skills and make weapons stronger. Learn to be really good at fighting in your own way by collecting different items and choosing from various types of weapons, armor, and accessories.
  • Fierce enemies: Fight against tons of different enemies and overcome challenging bosses to reach your goal. Great rewards are waiting for those who can tough it out through these tough fights.
  • A gorgeous world: The visuals of Alice Gear Aegis are quite fascinating, but the world is plagued by crises, which is a vast homeland to massive treasures and secrets.
  • Stunning art style: With beautiful artwork of hand-drawn animations, Alice Gear Aegis allows you to enjoy great visuals in this immersive manga-inspired world.


Game Flow

◎ Go through tutorial levels

At the beginning of Alice Gear Aegis, you will go through tutorial levels to learn how the character behaves and how to defeat the enemies. Each character can fight up close or far away, and each type of attack has its own special traits and advantages that players will think about. You can choose from a variety of characters for the match and decide where they will be placed based on what you like.

◎ Learn unique combat mechanisms

Alice Gear Aegis makes fighting games even better with its special fighting moves and strategies. Each character has their own special moves and abilities. The fight starts, and lots of enemies show up with circles around them. In the game, the target recognition feature will help you. You don’t have to be fast or take time to aim again. Also, you can change to another character to help if one character loses all their health.

◎ Summon and upgrade various characters

One cool thing about Alice Gear Aegis is that players can summon different characters to help them in the game. You will gather things and wait to see what happens when the characters suddenly appear in front of you. At the same time, there are many different characters with varying abilities and stats for you to use. Moreover, you will also work on making these characters stronger.


◎ Survive challenging foes

In Alice Gear Aegis, you will fight over varieties of foes, including tough boss encounters and a staggering number of challenging levels. You can be totally immersed in the intense battles between cute girls and evil enemies. Use your wise strategy to outwit foes, enter new areas, and become unmatched at fighting to beat tougher enemies.

Get ready for exciting action, stunning animation, and epic boss battles! Download Alice Gear Aegis to have fun now.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Alice Gear Aegis v1.73.1
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: COLOPL
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0
  • MOD: Menu: God Mode, One Hit
  • Size: 140.1MB



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