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Alice’s Resort is a mesmerizing fusion where the relaxing and leisurely word game blends with resort simulation management. Alice’s Resort is based on the story of Alice and her friends’ failed business, and you’ll need to fully brainstorm, use your You’ll need to brainstorm and use your wits and common sense to complete the classic fun word-matching game. After completing each puzzle, you’ll earn useful resources and coins that can be used to mine and renovate the resort.


Alice’s Resort is a fun and cozy place for you. Play games and have fun with us. During the event, there will be special prizes and deals available. During the event, there will be special prizes and deals available. Each item can be changed in three ways, and you can pick from many different styles to decorate the room. Give it a try and share your thoughts in the comments.

▪ The basic rule

Players need to understand the basic rules in order to build the resort. First of all, just like in a crossword puzzle, you need to connect the different letters in a row to make a complete word that makes sense vertically or horizontally. Note that the required number of letters is given in each box, and you’ll need to watch carefully and rehearse them in your head to complete each challenge more quickly. Of course, for the sake of game balance, when you get stuck in a space and can’t advance the game, you can tap on the additional help box on the screen for tips on how to do so.

▪From ruins to prosperity

When you enter the old and ruined hotel, you need to touch each item to change how it looks inside. Alice’s Resort can bounce back from the Alice’s Resort can bounce back from the damage and become even better than before because of its beautiful design. Go to other islands nearby to find out the story.

▪Collect bonus resources

After you complete a crossword puzzle challenge, you will be rewarded with tons of resources, including new and gorgeous decorations, gold coins, etc. There are also some hidden crossword puzzles in Alice’s Resort that serve as surprise eggs, so if you’re lucky enough to trigger the hidden mechanic and complete the challenge, you’ll be rewarded with huge amounts of resources and riches.

▪Realistic management simulation

In the process of reviving Alice’s hotel, you will slowly find out why it went bankrupt, and all you need to do is not let it happen again. Use your management knowledge and business vision to revitalize Alice’s Hotel! The game has a realistic simulation system, and you can even get a clear insight into the tiredness of cleaning, the joy of unlocking new items, and the joy of guests. The vivid graphics and sound effects will make you feel like you are managing a real hotel.

Key Features

  • Discover the story behind the story – The game features a complete storyline that allows you to unravel the mystery of the resort’s past story as you progress through the game.
  • Multiple puzzles, multiple challenges – Take on the challenge of crossword puzzles and start matching to form meaningful words that will bring back memories of your childhood. Develop your brain power at the same time.
  • Fair to win – The resources in the game come from the challenges you complete after completing puzzles, and at no extra cost to you, you can add new decorations to the resort and restore it to its past glory.
  • Screenshot mechanism – When you achieve a certain achievement or task, you can automatically save a screenshot of the game so you can look back on those memorable moments at your leisure.

Download now! It’s time to dust off your hammer and dive into cross-word puzzles!

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  • Latest Version: Alice’s Resort v1.1.35
  • Category: Word
  • Developer: WePlay Word Games
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0
  • MOD: Menu: Unlimited Money
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