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Encounter tons of charming and dangerous creatures in Alien Food Invasion, an action-packed game with intense and simulator gameplay, to unveil an unforgettable alien food world filled with exotic lifeforms and surreal surroundings. You will control a character and fight aliens that are coming to Earth to have an adventure and get rid of all the people. Discover and gather dozens of mutations to upgrade your hero, create valuable dishes, and survive on a dangerous planet full of wonders and mysteries, but also dangers.

The backdrop

Huge round vehicles were flying in the sky and people nearby didn’t know what they were. UFOs made weird shapes on the building walls. Alien Food Invasion is about aliens coming to Earth soon to take over. They are scary creatures from outer space. With the progress of technology, they are prepared to make our lovely Earth into a colony soon.

However, their plans did not work out and the invasion failed. We failed in this war because we couldn’t just watch the earth being destroyed. Now is your chance to cook up tasty grilled alien meats and serve them to people all over the world. Don’t forget that your farm is the first place aliens will come to. Use this opportunity to make more money, or start your own big food business.

Game Flow

👽 Gather and hunt aliens

In Alien Food Invasion, the player needs to collect aliens and use them to make tasty food. You don’t have to travel alone, you can go with your family. Certainly, a journey that provides different types of treasures always involves many dangers. And these aliens don’t just stay in one place for you to find them easily like regular fruit trees. Instead, they are prepared to attack things around them because they have sharp teeth and are very strong.

🏹 Pick up your weapon and face them

Alien Food Invasion will give you powerful weapons to hunt the aliens, and we will use those weapons to fight hard. Gather more advanced weapons in the game to add to our big collection. You have to get a certain amount of money in the game before moving to the next level. Upgrade weapons and power-ups to gain an advantage in the battle.

Work together with your teammates and family to figure out what the aliens are good at and where they need help. Every time you kill an alien, you will get a lot of rewards, which makes you want to keep destroying them and coming back for more.

👾 Upgrade your character & weapons

As mentioned before, you can pick different weapons for each fight to make them work the best. These weapons can be improved with different add-ons. Every improvement will make the attack stronger by causing more damage to alien creatures. Furthermore, improving your family members is also an important factor that helps to win. We suggest changing everything at the same time for the best results.

🥗 Create delicious food

In Alien Food Invasion, you need to fight aliens and cook tasty food which will help you earn money from hungry customers. Are you ready to cook some tasty food with the best ingredients from big fights? Don’t worry, Alien Food Invasion has over 50 different dishes to try out. Furthermore, players can make yummy dishes using different recipes, as long as everyone likes them. The stuff in this game helps players enjoy the casual business game genre easily.

Download Alien Food Invasion now. What surprises, or horrors, lie ahead will assuredly be unforgettable for you.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Alien Food Invasion v1.2.10
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: Fun Flavor Games
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0
  • MOD: Menu: Unlimited Money
  • Size: 109.5MB



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