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Alien Invasion is a humor-filled arcade game featuring RPG and action elements and carefully made artwork. If like playing survival games or fun role-playing games, this is the game for you. As an ancient alien spider who survives countless tough fights, you will have to battle and swallow everything to get back what belongs to you. Find your strength again, use powerful spells, and get rid of these hypocritical people on the earth. Are you prepared to get your tentacles dirty? It’s time to be the villain for a change!

The Background

In 2042, aliens invade and start to swallow everything and everyone. The fear monster is very tremendous and looks like a spider and it’s becoming unstoppable.

The main evil force in Alien Invasion looks like a spider or the alien from other movies. Join the unforgettable journey by hunting for anything nearby. Do you know about dead space? Our survival game is very scary. Well, maybe a little less. You are the big alien spider, and everything is in your hands, well, tentacles! You are a spider, so you don’t have to stay away from other animals, and instead, just fight with them.

What You Can Do

Alien Invasion is a fun game where you pass the time by pretending to harm virtual people to release your anger and feel better. The idea of aliens coming to take over Earth is interesting and scary. They want to destroy all of humanity. In this part, you will pretend to be a bad alien. You need to use your abilities and strengths to defeat people and animals in order to do well and move to higher levels.


★ Your mission

You play as an alien who came to Earth for an unknown reason and wants to get revenge on humans. You will have lots of money, power, and skills, and be stronger than others in the game. Your main missions are about living a good life and completing your task to destroy humanity.

★ Gather different superpowers

In 2042, you will have everything you need to destroy all humans on the earth. Just take what you need and do what you want, but don’t harm anyone. You have the power to control and destroy the human race and any other species you like. However, we want to make the game more fun and enjoyable for the players. You should work on getting better at the things you’re good at, build up your army, come up with new creatures, and stay away from the hot parts of the planet.

★ Upgrade yourself

You have to eat, collect resources, and get rewards. You also need to organize your group and grow it by changing other creatures into your kind and winning different challenges. In this process, you should always be alert and patient, as you may know, and may have seen in other places, these aliens look like big scary monsters and giant spiders.

★ Eliminate all traces of human life

You will be playing a very famous game that has had many versions because of alien invasion. Because you will need to use all your skills and strength to eliminate the entire human species. Begin the fight and get rid of those annoying people once and for all. Make sure no one can escape from the matrix!


Mod Features

  • Alien Invasion has lots of scary things all in one game, and it’s quite cool.
  • In this new version, players can get more power and unlimited money to buy things for their game characters.
  • Build your army by getting new creatures and improving your skills, enjoy fighting against other people, and make sure nothing gets in your way of defeating them.
  • Build a powerful alien army by using them. Gain control of everything and use it to become the most powerful ruler in the world.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Alien Invasion v3.0.34
  • Category: Arcade
  • Developer: MULTICAST GAMES
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Menu: Unlimited Resources
  • Size: 81.0MB



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