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Alien Path v2.10.1 MOD APK(Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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Alien Path is a fascinating puzzle game that emphasizes thrilling actions, intricate puzzle-solving, and strategy gameplay. Your success in Alien Path is only determined by helping the aliens destroy the robot invaders and vanquishing your opponent. Blast, beam, and hatch your way through endless hordes of enemies with a huge arsenal of weapons, an in-game upgrade system, and your acrobatic maneuvers. The future of all life in the universe is up to you!

Unique Elements

Alien Path is a truly one-of-a-kind RPG Puzzle game that has not been seen before. Fight the big scary robot bosses and their groups of robot technology, discovering other planets will take you to a new world, and join in daily activities and unique worlds, each with their own rules and challenges. As you explore the galaxy with your friends, Spirit will be there to help you.

◈ Powerful alien eggs

You will constantly make new Alien eggs, learn their strong abilities, and try to destroy robots. A completely new and creative approach to the RPG puzzle type. You can choose from 16 different kinds of Aliens to raise, each with its own special powers. The game collects and looks at over 100 different Alien Power cards for lots of different options. Don’t worry about the maximum level for upgrades, just use runes to make your cards better.


◈ 300+ challenging levels

With over 300 difficult levels for you to play, each with its own different enemies, obstacles, and power-ups, Alien Path provides an experience of endless fun for you. Because there are so many different abilities to pick from, there are endless ways to approach battles. You can make new Aliens and Power Cards in many different ways.

◈ Join a guild

When you join a guild, you can get special Bolts. You can use these Bolts to make your cards stronger, trade decks, and move up in the global rankings every month. Fight the scary Big Boss Robots and their robot technology. When you can go to Parallel Planets, your battles will be much tougher. Take part in everyday activities and explore different worlds, each with its own rules and challenges. Spirit helps people travel between galaxies so they can explore space with their friends.


Key Features

  • A hero theme – Create new powerful aliens, unlock amazing abilities, and prepare to defeat robots – the entire universe is relying on you.
  • Unique gameplay – There are 16 different types of aliens that you can raise and make stronger. Each one has its own special powers.
  • Endless cards – Collect more than 100 Alien Power cards, which can be used in tons of different ways as you wish. Exceed the upgrade limit and make your cards stronger by using runes.
  • A wide range of weapons – Unlock and use a variety of special weapons, power-ups, and customizations to make your alien look and play the way you want. There are lots of ways to make your Aliens and Power Cards.
  • Everchanging challenges -Over 300 stages, each with different enemies, challenges, and boosts to test your strategic skills. Do tasks, get stronger, and change your alien to unlock new abilities like super speed, healing, and flight.
  • Mind-blowing strategy – You can use many different combat strategies and choose from lots of skills to use.
  • Card evolution – Joining a guild can help you win global rankings more often. You can also get special Bolts to make your cards better and trade card decks with other players.

Download Alien Path now! Old friends and bitter foes await as you embark on a fantasy adventure full of alien friends!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Alien Path v2.10.1
  • Category: Puzzle
  • Developer: Appxplore (iCandy)
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Menu: Unlimited Money, Unlocked
  • Size: 140.0MB



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