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Survival games appear to be entering their prime. Alive In Shelter is additionally an item of the survival recreation sort that’s being profoundly acknowledged by many players in later times. This will be seen as a respectable, commendable accomplishment in there to begin with a committed survival game.


The story happens in a faraway future, where advancements in science and technology have greatly improved the lives of people. However, some people have become very selfish and are always trying to be better than others. This has caused a big war with nuclear weapons between the strongest countries in the world.

Many villages, cities, and towns have been destroyed. There are dead bodies and toxic gases everywhere, almost wiping out living things. You are one of the fortunate people who have managed to stay alive with your family. You are getting ready to go to a lonely island in the hopes of finding a small opportunity to live there.


Because of the creation of Don’t Starve, a new benchmark has been set for survival games. This game has captured the interest of millions of passionate players globally. Developed by Pokulan Wojciech Zomkowski, more freedom is provided for you to dominate the land in Alive In Shelter, where you can climb anywhere and have ultra freedom of exploration.

New Crafting System

In Alive In Shelter, you’re free to harvest resources to craft tools, then build anything from a small shelter to your entire kingdom piece by piece using a powerful crafting system that the game developer put in. You can gather different things to make surprisingly helpful objects. Your starter tools and weapons are just the beginning. Gather and craft hundreds of items and create wonderful companions and something special. There are lots of different things for players to try out, like poles, hammers, scythes, watering machines, and food storage boxes. It’s a lot of fun to discover and play with all of these new crafting items.

Intricate Gameplay

The most important thing to remember in Alive In Shelter is to pay attention and collect any information or objects you find while playing. This information can be shown in a video or through conversations between family members about something important they discovered. If you don’t address them, they will lead to hidden problems and shortcomings in the future. If you want to progress and not get stuck on the same level, make sure you pay attention to all the little things.

Moreover, Alive in Shelter also has two different game modes, one for playing alone and another for competing with others online.

  • Solo Mode: More like a story mode where you will work with characters from your family to find a way to stay alive on an empty island and start a new life.
  • Deathmatch Online Mode: Play with online players from different parts of the world. Players will be matched with another player at random to explore how to stay alive on a map offered by any game. They can make new experiences by playing different levels and seeing who has the highest scores on the leaderboard.

Untold Dangers

In a world after a disaster, players can’t have a calm and peaceful life. Dangerous animals like bears, wolves, and leopards, and strange creatures like ghosts and mutants are present while waiting for players. Harsh weather and dangerous gases from radiation can harm and potentially cause death to the entire family if proper caution and solutions are not taken.

In this game, players must come up with the right plans when unexpected things happen. These plans should match the type of survival game it is. With hundreds of locations to roam, secrets to unlock, and shelters to craft, you will never get bored in Alive In Shelter.

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  • Latest Version: Alive In Shelter v14.8.5
  • Category: Survival
  • Developer: pokulan Wojciech Zomkowski
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  • Android Version:4.4+
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