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Alliance Alive HD Remastered v1.0.1 MOD AK(Endless Exploration)

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Alliance Alive HD Remastered is a role-playing battle with turn-based action gameplay, which will bring you to a grand adventure with an extremely exhilarating experience. You’ll play as nine protagonists from different nations, where the lands are being corrupted by the Daemon monsters from the ancient afterlife. The developer, ARC SYSTEM WORKS, is dedicated to offering you a turn-based tactical role-playing game from console to mobile devices.


At one time, ancient afterlife monsters were taking over the whole human world. They evolve even bigger and more wicked, causing troubles for human peacefulness. A long time ago, these two worlds were divided by a force field, while now the energy field has become weaker, and it might disappear soon, allowing lots of monsters to come into the human world. The sky which is usually blue is now getting darker, which suggests that there may not be much hope for the future of humanity. The heroes who were meant to do great things came together and formed a team, and they fought against Daemon to protect the peace of the human world.


Players can start by selecting Azura or Galil as their primary characters.

  • Azura was born with bravery and has always been courageous.
  • Galil may seem gentle, but he possesses heroic qualities.

They understood their goal and started looking for more people to join them. They wanted to build a team of 9 courageous heroes with distinct skills and different personalities. They will work together to fight the fierce monsters, put everything back where it belongs, and restore the world to its original order.

WHY Alliance Alive HD Remastered?

🎞Storytelling Aesthetics

In Alliance Alive HD Remastered, you have a total of 9 main hero characters. Players can play as any of the 9 characters, so they can fully enjoy the story from multiple perspectives. This is also the art of cleverly telling a story, which is also the basis for the unique and unusual gameplay of Alliance Alive HD Remastered. The characters’ stories flow together smoothly, sharing a common plot that creates a strong sense of togetherness. With such a seamless and unified story, you can have a more immersive experience.

🏕Endless Exploration

The core of the game is about exploring and discovering new things. While you are exploring, the character you control will encounter various puzzles of different sizes and will have to overcome obstacles. If the game gets hard, you can spend money to get help from other characters. This will make it easier and you can keep playing without any problems.

🧭High Discretion

In many traditional RPGs, opponents will show up unexpectedly, and you need to beat them to keep going, while in Alliance Alive HD Remastered, you can choose whether to fight them or not when you come across an enemy. The game doesn’t have any unexpected battles so players can have more choices. However, avoiding the enemy is not simple, and sometimes you have to wisely use the environmental elements to hide, which takes even longer than just fighting.

💪Turn-based Combat

The fights in Alliance Alive HD Remastered take place in an ordinary turn-based component. When battling, in turn, you’ll select Art Attacks for each diverse weapon to assist in getting the most grounded assault capacity. Each character can have up to 2 items & 2 weapons, and they possess individual battling abilities.

In simpler terms, the fighting in Alliance Alive HD Remastered stays true to the original version and provides a deep and immersive experience. Using two weapons simultaneously gives you more chances to learn and develop new combat skills on your own. During the fight, you can easily change between these two weapons and come up with various strategies. This is why this easy way of fighting is beneficial.

Over hours of engaging gameplay offering high replayability and new encounters await you with each story-filled adventure! Download now! 

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  • Latest Version: Alliance Alive HD Remastered v1.0.1
  • Category: Role-playing
  • Developer: ARC SYSTEM WORKS
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  • Android Version: 7.0+
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