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Almost a Hero v5.7.3 MOD APK(Menu/God Mode, Money)

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Almost a Hero is a 2D idle clicker with RPG mechanics presented with a cartoon art style. You can choose and fight with dozens of unusual heroes, develop your kingdom, and explore the truths of the fantasy world with hundreds of skill combos, thousands of upgrades, and weapons for you to freely combine. Get ready to embark on an epic journey to build the strongest team and become the true knight.

The Core


🔮 The backdrop of ancient magic

Almost a Hero offers you even more special experiences than before. The way ancient magic looks. It is seen as the best thing that makes the game more fun. You may get bored of the traditional clicker games, and I hope you can enjoy the ancient magic elements instead. So grasp your fate and ascend as the legendary knight that you’re destined to become with the help of ancient magic!

🖱 An incremental clicker frenzy

The idle character is immortal, so you can send your heroes to fight without worrying, and just guide them in the right direction. Or, if you prefer to click, make up your own plan and assist the hero on their journey to gain knowledge. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to do a lot of damage per second? Well, now you can find out. Start your journey to achieve it today!

🧝‍♂️ Meet charming and special characters


  • Your imperfect hero

Have you ever thought about why the name of this game is “Almost” Hero? That’s because you will embark on a fun adventure with a bunch of useless idiots, not any epic and famous heroes. They are sensitive because their feelings were hurt a lot before. So your duty is to help them become heroes and knights. Maybe there’s a girl with dark blonde hair who stands out in a crowd and really needs your support to overcome her fear.

  • Your pet companion

Players will collect adorable pets during the journey. You can get a cute and poisonous spider as a pet. Because of that, you will always have someone with you in the fights. They are your friends that make your life full of activity. Also, pets can make you much stronger. Why not They will become the most important advantage that helps players take control on the battlefield.

⚔ Intense battles await

When you play Almost a Hero, you will experience large battles. Your rivals are very rich and well-known business people from different countries. That’s why these battles also draw heroes from everywhere who come here to explore. It’s more exciting when you try out lots of different ways to play.


Key Features

  • The characters you meet are flawed and they need your help, your task is to turn their imperfect souls into pure and good people who will finally join you on the path of knighthood.
  • Your opponents are all big shots with international reputations, which is destined to make your adventure not a smooth one.
  • Treasure boxes hold valuable weapons, crafting materials, potions, and pets that the old masters stored there.
  • You can have more fun by adopting more unique, cute pets to accompany you on your quest.
  • This is a casual RPG game full of dark intrigue, where you can fight fierce battles with unlimited enemies and explore more mysteries of this world.
  • With the ancient magic, you can access more cool skills and unleash the ultimate energy.
  • Multiple new game modes allow you to have more adventure mode, season mode secret portal, and many other experiences.

Download Alliance: Almost a Hero to search for the remains of ancient magic, journey through the intense war, and find your allies!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Alliance: Almost a Hero v5.7.3
  • Category: Role Playing
  • Developer: Deca_Games
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 6.0
  • MOD: Menu/God Mode, Money
  • Size: 115.0MB



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