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Alpha Ace is an action-based shooter game designed for you to be simple to pick up & enjoy right away and be playable in short timeframes. Without complicated controls and the difficulty of aiming in traditional FPS games, Alpha Ace does better in conveying agile and accurate actions even within the limited screen and hardware power. Alpha Ace is proof that mobile first-person shooter games have never cooled down.


  • Dynamic Battle

Being dynamic is the first praiseworthy thing about Alpha Ace, so you can use their skills in shooting games to compete in various battles. The game control is easy because it doesn’t have too many buttons to press at once, and it doesn’t confuse players with a complicated system for improving their game characters. Your main task is to aim correctly and then pull the trigger.

Enemies sprint around energetically while responding to your shots, and some can fight just as well as the main character by using objects around them to fight and hide and shoot without being seen, which has made the battlefield for Alpha Ace more exciting and full of shooting and attacking moments. Don’t forget to use your movement abilities to stay mobile and avoid the relentless attacks of enemies.

  • Endless Bonus Points

Kill fast to rack up combos and gain points that can be applied to weapon variations between missions. Whether you are playing solo, competing against another player, or teaming up with a group of players, every time you defeat a character from the other team, you will earn extra points. Reaching a certain level can also help you learn new skills to counter something, that’s why you should master the many levels to achieve higher ranks and take on thrilling optional challenges. Bonus points also indicate the skill level of each player, and the level represents respect and power, which can help you become a skilled leader of a team in the future.


➊ Bombing Mode

Alpha Ace players can have fun fighting against other players in online gun battles. Most players may prefer the classic Team Bomber Mode the most. In this mode, you can join a team that together reaches this gaol first to be declared the winner, where you and your friends gather weapons, improve bombs, and repeatedly blow up important places. Your team can destroy the enemy’s base, weapon bunker, and food cellar, depending on what task you are given. For every mission, players will have a specific amount of work they need to do.

➋ Endgame Mode

Endgame mode is much more challenging and makes you fight for a very long time without ever finishing. In this situation, the player you are competing against is clever and possesses the same abilities as your team. During the final battles, each player in the group can use any weapon that is available and also utilize the skills of their character. Those who can expertly use weapons and skills will achieve victory.

➌ Sniper Mode

Sniper mode is a testament to precision control that was carefully created, which allows you to use advanced sniper weapons to take out enemies from far away. This mode needs you to aim accurately and use stealth skills to sneak up on enemies from different directions. People who like to have options and choices will really enjoy this game mode.

➍ Mini-game Mode

Alpha Ace is a great place to show off your FPS skills in many different ways. There are also small games like Titans, Battle Royale, or Rocketman mode. Each type of game mode is centered around shooting ability and knowing how to effectively use different weapons and skills. However, the way to move forward, and the objective set are completely different.

Download now! Soak yourself in your enemies’ blood to regain health and keep shooting!

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  • Latest Version: Alpha Ace v0.4.0
  • Category: Shooter
  • Developer: skang studio private limited
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  • Android Version: 4.4+
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