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AltLife – Life Simulator is a fantastic simulation game with a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Will you be a winner with shining cars & houses, or maybe a salted fish with nothing? In tAltLife – Life Simulator, you have to experience going through different levels of society during your life which is filled with interesting things that you should really try, and it is a place where you can truly follow your dreams.


The background

Life in school is very different from that in society. In AltLife – Life Simulator, you have to continuously work to make your life better. You need to buy a car and a house and have money to be able to ask a girl out. Do you feel overwhelmed by working 996 hours, family pressure, and having less than 100 dollars in your account? Have you thought about how to solve these problems?

The best solution seems to be getting rich, but do you think rich people are happy? They are actually happier than you might think. You have to work hard to make money, or else you won’t be able to pay your rent and you will lose. If you’re lucky, you can buy a lottery ticket or start your own business. But be careful because investing has risks.


AltLife gives you many different jobs that you can try and enjoy to the max, which lets you create interesting and exciting stories about your life. With lots of fun things and learning more about life, AltLife – Life Simulator is more like a fun and nice playground. When you play the game, you can feel better and less tired from life’s challenges.

◆ Make a living

AltLife – Life Simulator has lots of different jobs for you to pick from. Players are given interesting jobs and get to try them out. In addition, the game also provides a list of jobs that are updated regularly. You can apply for the jobs that you think are best for you.


◆ Make more money

There are many ways to earn money. You can put up videos and make money from them. You need to try to make a lot of money from different jobs, so you can become wealthier and move up in the game’s rankings. Also, you can make lots of money by posting on social media and getting many likes and followers. Players can invest in the stock market to make a lot of money.

◆ Unlock rare items

Players can gather different kinds of items, all of which will be stored and used whenever they want. You can also gather different kinds of new vehicles like fast cars, helicopters, and even cryptocurrencies. Tall buildings can be rented out to make more money. As for the real estate, you can find rooms in the hostel, apartments in the high-rise building, and build a shed, cottage, villa, or even a palace in the rural area.

◆ Forge relationships with others

Relationships are really important in AltLife – Life Simulator. Interact with different online players, each weaving their own stories. Working together with others will make tasks go by quicker and with less effort. You should try to talk and connect with others to become closer friends. In AltLife, having more relationships gives you more benefits. All your friends will try to help and work together with you, and you might find true love while experiencing social amusement, who knows?


Welcome to this beautiful entertainment space! Download AltLife – Life Simulator to embrace more exhilarating and unique experiences!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: AltLife – Life Simulator v39
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: QmzApps
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Unlimited Money, Unlocked
  • Size: 35.0MB



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