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With a mix of skiing, puzzles, and quests, Alto’s Adventure is a game about Alto and his friends going on a long journey through snowy mountains that never seem to end. You will travel with the protagonist through the vast snowy mountains in freezing weather. The snowy landscape might make it hard for you to stop playing this casual game. Walking on the hills covered with snow, meeting local elders from the area, and helping save animals stuck in the whiteout will make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and engaged with excitement.


In this game, you’ll be taken on ski trips to stunning, peaceful, and traditional locations all around the world with abundant wild creatures. Alto and his friends are having a great time enjoying their creative journey together. You will get to meet gentle wild animals like llamas in these lands, and you can help them escape from danger and receive a gift of gratitude from them. You can explore villages, meet local people, move through old forests, and find lots of abandoned ruins. However, the trip will be full of challenges and scary pits. As each day and night went by, the night became more frightening than before.

Premium Features

The ice and snow world is your playground. Take a seat, relax, and have fun as you zoom around on a fast sled between trees and playfully slide. You can achieve whatever you want by pushing yourself and not holding back in the freeride.

 6 Unlockable Characters

6 gorgeous playable characters are at your service! In addition to Alto, Alto’s Adventure includes up to five different characters, thus you can choose from six unique characters to go snowy adventure with you. Every skier has different outfits and has their special qualities & abilities. Win their flavor to unlock exclusive, snowy stories!

 Impressive Graphics

With gentle and beautiful colors, this fun physics-based game called Alto’s Adventure can be played on your console for a long time. The terrain in the simulation game is made to look like real ski resorts, so you don’t have to worry about the realism or accurate simulation of this game.
In Alto’s Adventure, the weather and lighting effects are as realistic as the images. You’ll through different types of intense weather conditions that feel like you’re sliding around. When there is a lot of snow blocking the way to slide, thunderstorms make everything even more slippery than normal. Also, you can see rainbows, shooting stars, and other pretty weather events.

 Versatile Gameplay

The control of Alto’s Adventure is so simple while the levels are carefully crafted by the developer. You can ski in a regular way with the directional button or a single button. It’s really simple to understand but requires a sound sum of practice to become a skiing ace. Additionally, you can do a string of actions to get the most points and go faster with your character. There are over 180 levels awaiting, which promise to provide the most difficult skiing experience. Explore carefully crafted snowy hills and navigate these intricate levels by using your ski skills and strategies to interact with the in-game ice world and unlock new paths.

You can play Alto’s Adventure solo or compete against your friends for even more thrilling ski races. Due to its solo and online play options and simple console look, Alto’s Adventure has become a popular and soothing mobile game that anyone can enjoy.

Download and shred your sled in this whiteout. Maneuver the vast terrain, plow through tons of fresh snow, conquer the hills, and reach the peak faster with your friends. Show us what you can achieve!


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  • Latest Version: Alto’s Adventure v1.8.13
  • Category: Casual
  • Developer: Noodlecake
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: 5.1+
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