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Alto’s Odyssey is a story-driven action game packed with fascinating adventure in which you play as a young boy Alto and enjoy meditative vibes. Journey across an ancient and pastoral landscape, the open-world but perilous dimensions of Alto’s Odyssey, avoid the traps in the jungle or desert, get away from the mischievous apes chasing you, and unveil the mysteries of a long-forgotten past alongside your companions.


Versatile Gameplay

The long-awaited sequel of Alto’s adventure is now available now on your mobile device. Meanwhile, Alto’s Odyssey has the same design and way of playing as Alto’s Adventure. Players can also control their characters to move through many lands with dangerous terrain. You will have to deal with many challenges and enemies that you need to beat if you want to keep going on your journey.

You along with your friends will venture through different landscapes from big deserts, sand dunes, and unknown jungles, to beautiful and thriving cities. Your adventure will promise a surprise around any modest corner!

🏅 How to win

Players regard Alto’s Odyssey as a really fun game for action and adventure. Players can easily tackle challenges without having to stop or fight as much as in other action games. However, it takes a lot of thinking and effort to safely navigate and avoid the traps. All the character controls and tasks can be handled with just one simple touch. To win, you have to overcome everything with just one touch in a set amount of time.

🕵️‍♀️ Meet with various dangers of nature

Each secret and hint is guarded by natural catastrophes and hazardous environments. You will embark on a big adventure in the wild environment. No matter how nice nature is, it still makes destructive sandstorms that cannot be stopped sometimes, and it makes it harder to find hidden secrets. Moreover, dealing with floods like in the story is bound to happen. In Alto’s Odyssey, the bad weather and natural disasters are dangerous, increase gameplay difficulty, and create more room for replayability.

📜 Unveil fascinating adventure stories

It’s not just about fighting for peace anymore, it’s about solving puzzles with kinds of action gameplay to find out what you need to know this time. To find out more about unknown truths, you have to face difficult tasks in different places like water and land. Every place, like the sky or a hot air balloon, has its own special secrets. Make sure not to miss any details. Alto’s Odyssey tries to bring you to a story that is timeless & wordless narrative, with ideas about responsibility, friendship, and morality.

‍🤝‍ Gather all the characters

Relationships of friendship play a pivotal role in Alto’s Odyssey where you will join Alto and other special characters on an adventure. However, the player has to face many difficulties to get all the characters. When you have all the characters, your journey with Alto becomes exciting and fun with friends, all of whom have their own unique powers and belongings, so you will be rewarded with the best and purest of friendships in this game.

🎮 Challenge kinds of game modes

You will have endless fun in Alto’s Odyssey with different game modes for you to explore. In every level and mode, you will face a variety of challenges. Especially, both picture mode and relaxation mode have some special things in common.

🎊 Be immersed in a gorgeous soundtrack and graphics

Immerse yourself in a folk-inspired soundtrack that offers you a unique experience that blends beautiful scenery and a transcendent soundscape. You’ll can not help capturing a screenshot when you see the fancy visuals in the temple cities or the scary danger in the sand dunes or canyons.

Are you brave enough to face this expansive open world in Alto’s Odyssey? Download now to unravel startling mysteries!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Alto’s Odyssey v1.0.26
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Unlimited Coins
  • Size: 99.3MB



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