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Amazing Frog is a sandbox simulation game with enjoyable entertainment where you can play in an open world and do whatever you want. You’ve played Goat Simulator and sometimes get exhausted because of the game’s wild humor. If you’re looking for a fun game that is similar to role-playing simulations and also has a cheerful sense of humor, you should check out Amazing Frogโ€”a good choice for relaxing when you finish a tiring day of work.

Amazing Frog propels you on a journey through the Swindon area in Great Britain. Being Swindonโ€™s own Superman, the Frog gets up to some mayhem at the right moment, and the world is in your hands! Explore Swindon by hopping from one place to another and enjoy the sights and sounds. This place has everything that your frog could ever want. Get your morning coffee at Frog Milk Coffee, exercise at the well-equipped gym, or go for a drive by the beach.


Set in a modern city, the story begins in a very strange way with lots of realistic things mixed with crazy stuff. The main character is a frog who has certain qualities: A superhero but not very coordinated in normal situations. Your job is to become really good at using and having fun with that cute, clumsy superhero Frog as you guide them through various everyday activities.

Hero Frog really enjoys traveling in different vehicles like cars, jet skis, moon trolleys, helicopters, and planes. You can have fun all day long. Having different hobbies like going for a run, exercising at the gym, spending time in the pool, and taking part in activities like shark catching and chasing bad guys…


Like the style of modern life simulators, the basic gameplay and controls of Amazing Frog are quite simple. The buttons you see on the screen are exactly where they should be. With the correct understanding and sensitivity, it is not difficult to make the right decision at the appropriate moment.

Come and join the superhero Frog. You’ll get to see lots of beautiful sights and sometimes face challenging acrobatics. Sometimes, you blast out of the water gun and shoot at the people walking on the road, and sometimes you roll into the enemies who are bothering the city. You always act like a superhero, thinking that there’s no tomorrow in life.

  • Collect Items

As you progress through the game, the Frog hero needs to gather different things to get new cars, weapons, outfits, and identities. Furthermore, you can collect cats as your pets and countless extraordinary and adorable items. Tons of unlockables are waiting for you to explore and enjoy right now.

Later in the game, more cool outfits, gears, and weapons await. The body shapes of the Frog character also vary, which is also a funny element of this game. If you have more exotic tastes, I will recommend going into Swindonโ€™s sewers, where youโ€™ll figure out the โ€out of this worldโ€ possibilities.

  • Do Whatever You Want

In Amazing Frog, you are able to be free to do whatever you want: Flop around Swindon with a wide range of vehicles like cars, helicopters, jet skis, moon buggies, and even more, or you can dive into the water for a wonderful swim, and run over to the totally fitted fart gym to do some exercise. The fun doesnโ€™t stop there! With this high discretion, you can also transform into a Frog, and check out your control techniques in the extraordinarily bizarre life simulation surroundings.

A challenging Parkour, open world with a bonkers physics sandbox awaits…


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  • Latest Version: Amazing Frog v2.23
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: Fayju
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  • Android Version: 9.0+
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