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American Marksman is a fun hunting and outdoor adventure game made by Battle Creek Games. It offers you a super exciting experience that you never had before. Come and explore large, open spaces filled with animals and enjoy hunting adventures in this game, furthermore, you can change the land to match how you want to hunt, which allows you to customize and adapt your own hunting strategy.


American Marksman is all about the thrill and adventure of hunting wild animals. Besides, it also makes players feel like they have creative freedom by letting them change the terrain however they want. If you play for a while and save enough money, you can buy land and renovate it to your style and liking, then invite your friends to go hunting on the land you own. Hunting used to be only a personal challenge, but now it has become a worldwide activity where you can compete for accomplishments and show your loot to your friends.

  • Go hunting and wandering in the large, open world.
  • Dive into the multiplayer chaos with other players.
  • A mix of activities like hunting, driving off-road, and role-playing elements.
  • Purchase lands of different regions and customize them with your unique design to suit your playstyle and invite your friends to come with you on outdoor adventures on your land.
  • An array of bosses requires you to be precise and patient.
  • Realistic graphics to make the experience engaging.


In American Marksman, you can choose to join forces with other players and work together as a team in multiplayer mode. They can form alliances and hunt together, creating a truly cooperative gaming experience. But you can pause the activity and have fun pretending to be different characters with your friends. So, make a camp, go and discover the wild and unexplored nature, and take part in thrilling off-road journeys that will amaze you.

» Basic Controls

American Marksman is not difficult to start playing. By moving and shooting, you can cause precise damage by using the changed surroundings. The game is more enjoyable if you are more creative.

» Adjust the Terrain

American Marksman provides different tools that assist players in modifying the surroundings of their game. These tools allow them to change things like trees, grass, mountains, and the number of animals present in the scene. You make goals for yourself and you also achieve them. The game will have different levels of difficulty depending on how creative you are with making changes, there are no restrictions, and you can test yourself on various difficulty levels. Different levels of difficulty will show up based on how creative you are with modifying things, allowing you to challenge yourself on different levels without any restrictions.

» Accumulate & Expand

If you kill lots of uncommon animals and make a lot of money, you can trade the money for new hunting guns, bullets, and other helpful hunting equipment. You can become very wealthy from this hunting job, but only to a certain extent. Having a bunch of money, purchasing land in various places across the country, and having complete control over that land like a real estate owner.

» Forge Alliances & Conquer the Land

American Marksman is a game made for players who enjoy hunting freely both by teaming up with friends or going solo. If you want to be part of a hunting group and experience the exciting world, join the Online mode. You and a group of other players will go hunting, explore everything nearby, and participate in lots of fun activities outdoors. You can also sleep outside in a tent, explore the roads, hike up the mountains, relax and talk, and wander through the large forests.

More than just a hunting simulator, American Marksman is the ultimate outdoor adventure for you. So grab your weapon, and get ready to embark on this remarkable journey now!

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  • Latest Version: American Marksman v1.0.9
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  • Developer: Battle Creek Games
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  • Android Version: Android 6.0+
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