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Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a first-person survival horror game about immersion, exploration, and surviving through an endless nightmare. Developed by Frictional Games in 2010 after over 10 years of release, Amnesia: The Dark Descent is still recognized as one of the greatest horror games ever made. Now, you can play this very scary game on your Android device.

Every time the character struggles to see in the dark, you’ll feel trapped and scared when the monsters suddenly scare you with frightening surprises. However, it also makes you curious about those mysterious things. What if you find yourself in the eerie darkness alone? Give it a try in Amnesia: The Dark Descent.


Amnesia: The Dark Descent takes place during the 1800s. A man named Daniel wakes up in a very old castle called Prussian Brennenburg, and he can’t remember anything except that he mentions some details about his home in Mayfair, London. His last remaining memories have faded away into endless darkness…

He could only sort of grasp his current situation by reading the weird letter he held. It looks like the old man wrote a letter to himself now. So, Daniel got rid of his own memories and then a thing called Shadow chased after him. Additionally, the letter tells him to go to the hidden place under the castle and murder a man named Alexander, who is the target of this terrifying creature.

After that, Daniel starts his trip to search for Alexander and uncover the secrets of the castle, and his past is slowly shown through events. So basically, to get a never-ending supply of energy and get away from the bad guy Shadow, Daniel started killing people who did nothing wrong, and he became really fixated on this. He finally decided to forget bad thoughts by erasing his memories and promised to get back at the evil Shadow.


The last bits of memories disappear in darkness. Your thoughts are all jumbled up and the only thing you feel is like someone is chasing after you. All you need to do is escape and survive.

  • Awake

Something is getting closer, and you just wake up from a nightmare. In Amnesia: The Dark Descent, you play as a Daniel trying to survive in a creepy world, who wakes up in a lonely castle and can’t remember much about his past. You’re expected to discover the surroundings, search for something useful, and get ready for this extremely frightening experience.

  • Explore

You walk unsteadily through the small passageways as you can hear a faraway cry. As you navigate through spooky paths, you will also experience Daniel’s miserable memories. The fright doesn’t just come from outside, but also from inside, too. Prepare yourself for a journey that explores the unsettling and hidden parts of the human psyche. Do you hear the sound of someone’s feet dragging, or is it just your imagination?

  • Control

Engaged in this fully physically simulated world with advanced 3D graphics, and a dynamic sound system, Amnesia: The Dark Descent aims to fully immerse you without holding back. When the game begins, you will have control from start to end. There are no movie-like breaks or skipping ahead in time. Whatever happens, you experience it directly.

  • Survive

Amnesia: The Dark Descent puts you in a scary world where danger can be hidden anywhere. The only ways to protect yourself are hiding, running, or using your intelligence. You may struggle to breathe in small areas and be disturbed by scenes of death, blood, and creepy abominable creatures…

Besides, the game has many interesting quests and puzzles to help players decide how their story will go in this adventure. With 3 different endings, this game leaves the end of the story up to you. Download and try to find all of them.

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