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Developed by Lion Studios, Ancient Battle is a strategy that offers you a unique wargaming experience. You can engage in classic battles in teal time by commanding the largest army, upgrading weapons, and casting powerful spells.


There is a special place on Earth that has a lot of valuable minerals and lots of room for growth. Everyone wants to take control of this area and make it their settlement. The country that controls this land will improve its standing and gain more benefits in terms of economy, defense, politics, and military power. So, a place was given the name of the main area of conflict. Many kings from nearby kingdoms, including you, one of the brave emperors, want to own this place. A very intense fight to stay alive began. Are you powerful enough to succeed and claim this position?

Ancient Battle is a game where you can collect cards and have intense battles against other players. In the game, you can create an unmatched army that cannot be defeated. This intense card game that hardcore gamers should give a shot at, requires a strong will to survive and excellent strategic skills.


Ancient Battle is about the fight to stay alive in an unprotected war zone. In the intense PVP fight of Ancient Battle, only one person standing till the end can be the winner. You have to do everything you can, using your skills and strategies, to make sure you win every small chance.

Build an Unmatched Army

If you recruit more soldiers and hire skilled leaders, the better your position will become. Your army is getting stronger and winning many battles with the countries next to us. Your chances of winning are higher, so you have a better chance of being victorious in the end. There is a fascinating point in Ancient Battle that shows how war was in the past. Skilled leaders, no matter their job or role, always want to follow and help a skilled leader. So when you successfully win a fight, the soldiers and leaders of the opposing side will become part of your army and willingly obey your commands.

Wisely Use Your Cards

This is a card strategy game with attractive visual designs of cartoons. The units are organized well, even though there are many units on the battlefield, you can still see what each unit is doing clearly.

Each unit in your hand has various strengths in battles. Melee combats, attacking from a distance with bows and arrows, and armies that use magic. These special magic units are expensive cards that can turn losing into winning if used correctly and at the right moment. When you get no cards up your sleeve, you can combine your cards wisely and cast powerful spells to crush your foes.

Loot & unlock New Characters

Every successful battle will not only provide you with more soldiers and generals to lead but also earn you money and collect valuable items. Your army evolves upon your loot and the decisions you make as you play. The more loot and cards you collect, the more you can empower further expeditions into the ancient battlefield. Besides, you can also unlock unique spells and explore more powerful spell synergies, allowing you to craft a hand best suited to your own playstyle.

This digitally animated strategy game with classic battles, offers an unprecedented card-building feature to enrich your gaming experience. Give it a shot, deftly maneuver through unique battles, and build your empire now!

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  • Latest Version: Ancient Battle v4.1.1
  • Category: Strategy
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 6.0+
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