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With a fusion of collecting powerful heroes and building a deck of cards, you need to gather unique characters. engage in battles, and encounter thrilling adventures with Ancient Gods. You can use all of the cards and combine them with their own special skill to gain ultimate power during your adventure.


In Ancient Gods, you can collect cards of different gods, storylines, and abilities to play a fun role-playing game. In simple words: You’ll gather heroes, battle, and explore a fantasy world ruled by gods who are the ultimate leaders of the human realm.

  • Impressive 2D Graphics

With 2D graphics, Ancient Gods creates characters and backgrounds that are colorful detailed, and visually appealing. The characters in the game have unique traits and personalities that are influenced by different historical periods. Alongside the fight accomplishment, each character afterward in turn put on unused skins, much more epic than the first. Seeing heroes develop and create in both appearance and quality.

  • 30+ Charming Characters

Ancient Gods offers 30 gallant characters that you simply will unlock in turn through the levels. Each hero has 2 detached abilities, in which the primary expertise is accessible, The first ability is available right from the start, but the second ability can only be used when you reach level 20. You can improve everything by doing well in the battle.

Every character in your deck has unique strengths, physical appearance, and background. Get to know each person and their abilities, both good and bad. When you bring them all together and fight as a team, improve, and make each person stronger, you will eventually have the best heroes on your side. The deck is becoming more powerful, fighting better in the upcoming chaos.

  • Random Events

Don’t overlook unexpected events because if you take part and succeed, your character will earn valuable and unique improvements. Certain events that are not planned can also have an impact on the condition of the character. For instance, during the journey, there may be opportunities to take breaks and rest, which will help the character regain their health points. You might also get trapped by hunters’ devices. If you happen to step on a trap, you can get away from it by being quick and nimble. Roll a dice to see if you are lucky enough.

  • Strategic Turn-based Card Battle

You’re going in the form of cards and deck building First, you choose four heroes from your deck and then you put them in a good order for fighting. In a one-on-one fight, play by yourself and choose the best cards to create amazing combos. Are you ready for an exciting adventure and being prepared to make tough choices when unexpected events come your way?

  • A Grand Odyssey Through Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Gods brings you on a journey to various civilizations from old Egypt to medieval Europe and legendary Asia. Each place and time makes us feel different when we fight, even though everything looks bright and calm.

You’ll get to see how the world changed, how humans saw it, and even join the gods in their battles. Each period has different groups of heroes, different places, and different soundtracks. The game Ancient Gods has a classic style where players use cards, which many people may already be familiar with. However, a unique aspect of this game is that you get to experience different time periods, observe various transformations, and be part of wars, which might seem unusual.

Download now! Outwit, outplay, or downright beat up your opponents and win the divine war of the Ancient Gods!

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  • Latest Version: Ancient Gods v1.7.6
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  • Developer: Hexpion
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  • Android Version: 5.0+
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