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Anger of stick 5 : zombie is a fast-paced and thrilling action game with a tremendous sum of gears and a boundless number of levels that will bring you the foremost loud, bustling fights against a world full of zombies. Take on armies of ghoulish grabbers, and a host of other surprises! When you’re gazing down the fleshy barrel of a zombie crowd, you’ll wish you’d stayed behind the sofa!


Anger of stick 5: zombie is a game about fighting zombies in a world after an apocalypse. The game starts when a bunch of weird people show up in the city and take away many innocent people to do strange experiments. The outcome of these experiments is that the innocent people have become savage zombies, who are searching for survivors in the city to eat.

In the game, you become a stickman hero. You work with your friends to rescue people and defeat zombies trying to bring peace back to the world. You can team up with 6 friends to join you in this perilous and gut-wrenching war. If you kill more zombies, the amount of experience needed to level up will also increase in proportion to the number of kills. Also, you will earn money to improve your weapons and get access to advanced equipment like tanks and mechs.


In Anger of Stick 5: Zombie, you’ll have to go through lots of different levels. The difficulty of the game goes up dramatically as the levels increase with various amount of zombies and enemies and their attack power and strength will also get higher, making it ideal for players who are more than glad to challenge themselves. In simple words, your goal is to protect people from zombies by eliminating them and rescuing innocent individuals. After saving them, you need to bring them to safe locations.  So, don’t focus too much on killing the enemy and forget about your people. How long can you fight back without joining the crowd of The Walking Dead?

🕹 About Basic Controls

Just like other Stickman games, controlling Anger of Stick 5: zombie is really simple and maybe even easier than other games. On one side of the screen, there will be two buttons to go forward and backward. On the other side, there are four buttons for different skills: kicking, jumping, kicking again, and punching. In the middle of the screen, there will be a button to switch or change weapons. You can make powerful attacks by pressing the attack and moving buttons together at the same time.

🛩 Harness the Power of Transportation

At the beginning of the game, what you can do is run. But as you play and progress, you will unlock new and better vehicles like a helicopter or a huge robot that can destroy everything, including different kinds of zombies and enemies. Besides the skills he had when he started playing, the Stickman hero also can unlock unique unmatched weapons to vanquish the living dead.

⚔ Choose Weapons & Show Your Skills

When the dead surround you, extend your battlefield with enhanced weapons. There are many types of weapons in the game that you can use, like swords, knives, axes, guns, grenades, machine guns, and flamethrowers. The more you fight, the more chances you have to find and use epic weaponry, each with its own level of strength and ability to attack. After each turn, if you manage to defeat all enemies and zombies and save people, you will get various bonuses, which may include diamonds that help you improve your performance and power. Barge through crowds, stomp on heads, and dispatch the living dead with fearsome takedowns!

It’s time to take the fight to the undead solo, or team up in up to 6-player online co-op, and face your fears in the brutal new game modes!

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  • Latest Version: Anger of stick 5 : zombie v1.1.83
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: Button E&M
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: 4.4+

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