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Angry Birds Classic, a funny puzzle game created by Rovio Entertainment Corporation, is now officially available on mobile devices again. The original game’s charm lies in its simple and focused gameplay. It also has an appealing interface and new levels are regularly added. Actually, even after a long time, people are still really interested in playing Angry Birds Classic.

When Rovio initially launched the game Angry Birds, it became extremely popular on mobile phones and tablets. For almost 10 years, there have been lots of updated versions, remakes, and different variations of the original Angry Birds game. The person who made the Crow series kept changing and updating it for a while and then decided to get rid of the first version. But Angry Birds Classic is still very valuable and popular. That is the reason why, at the start of 2022, Angry Birds Classic made a comeback on smartphones and started winning over both old and new fans.


Immerse yourself in the classic Angry Bird world, a unique funny, and casual experience that offers cartoon art against the backdrop of an intense feud between greedy Green Pigs and the Angry Birds. In your adventures, you’ll foster friendships with different types of birds, and lend a helping hand to them to slice or dismember Green Pigs who stand in your way.

➻ An Intense Feud

In the forest where the Angry Birds live, some mean green pigs showed up one day. They were really greedy and they stole the birds’ eggs. Now the angry birds need to go after the selfish green pigs to take back their eggs. You will guide them to the enemy’s place, demolish their base, and get back the eggs they have in the cave. This basic background is also the main idea for other Angry Birds versions. This scenario will make you eager to begin the adventure, but it is also brief so players don’t have to be concerned about anything other than this specific story.

➻ Quintessential Gameplay

You can use the unique abilities of each bird to shoot them at the pigs’ defenses and barriers. The birds have special powers like flying far, bouncing, being heavy, and causing destruction. You can go further into their hideout to begin a new and harder level. Afterward, there were more challenges. The pigs also started to make the arrangement of crates, trees, and sarcophagi more complicated. In the beginning, luck can help you win a few scenes. However, as the game gets harder, you’ll need to rely on your own thinking and come up with a clever plan to forge your way to success.

➻ Multiple Levels & High Replayability

Every level in Angry Birds Classic has different rules and skills that you need to adjust. The largest number of birds allowed is also not the same for everyone. If you use all of those numbers and cannot defeat the castle, it is considered a failure, and you will have to return to that level and try again until you succeed. If you finish the level with birds left over, those birds will be turned into points based on their type.

We can say that there are endless levels of playing. Angry Birds Classic now has 15 original parts, with over 680 levels. Every week, they add 6 new levels. With each passing day, your experience will continue for a very long time. There’s no worry about finishing all the levels and have nothing to challenge again.

Set off on your adventure to face the never-ending challenges of Green Pigs and enjoy extraordinary rewards brought by the Angry Birds!

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  • Latest Version: Angry Birds Classic v8.0.3
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