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Angry Birds Friends is an immersive arcade game adventure of over 100 levels, which can be your best time-killer enjoyment. Meet the Angry Bird creatures once more, presently with more companions and more fun! Explore the remote island where the sneaky and greedy green pigs spend their vacation, slingshot your way to triumph by annihilating them, and explore an infinite number of levels.

Angry Birds Friends creatures arrangement has been around for a long time and still does not halt mixing players’ minds with modern, appealing adaptations, including modern dramatization. On the off chance that you’re looking to play irate feathered creatures assault in a more rough, strong way with loads of unused feathered creature characters, just dive into Angry Birds Friends.


✨ Classic Angry Birds

First and foremost, of all the Angry Birds games currently available, Angry Birds Friends is the most adaptable. The rules are easy-to-understand and various characters and countless coins are waiting for you to unlock.

⚔ Weekly Tournament

Angry Birds Friends is additionally a put where you’ll be able to straightforwardly compete for talent with companions and players around the world. Point to induce your name on the leaderboard, climb to the best, and end up the finest player in the world. This title is truly alluring since each time you increment your rank within the rankings, you may get numerous greatly alluring rewards.

Every week, Angry Birds Friends also offers a unique themed Tournament. So that every player has the opportunity to use their strategic skills to reap huge rewards.

🎉New Star Cup

Face off against other Angry Birds players! On every level, there are more power-ups, stunning level effects, and special slingshots for free. To level up your Birds and increase their scoring potential, you should collect feathers and keep winning more games consecutively to increase your rewards.


Keeping up the conventional damaging gameplay of the Angry Birds, the reason why cute birds turned into angry creatures, we now know, is because the eager Green Pigs challenged to take numerous fowl eggs within the woodland. The winged creatures presently look for vindication in the fortress of pigs.

🐦Birds as Bullets

The player’s sole assignment is to utilize the “angry bird bullets” to shoot at the Pig’s fortress structure in each level, attempting to annihilate it as rapidly as conceivable. Attempt to accumulate up the ammunition the feathered creature needs to total the attack mission before the pigs can come up with more awful protective techniques.

🦜Choose your birds

In Angry Birds Friends, you’ll also see strange birds with unusual abilities. Some large, unusually shaped species appear to be from a mythical realm. You’ll be more inspired to complete the level thanks to this awesome novelty highlight. A wide variety of angry birds allows you to create a hand best suited to your playstyle and the choice is yours!

🔢 Strive for Higher Scores

In each amusement screen, you may utilize fowl bullets to shell the castle to pick up focuses. The shorter the annihilation time, the more bullets cleared out, and the higher the score will be. At the same time, there’s another similarly vital assignment, Collecting Feathers, which will offer assistance to advanced birds for more scoring control.

🎯 Harness the Booster

Another curious point in Angry Birds Friends is almost the developer’s liberality. To keep up with such diverse Green Pigs, the player’s abilities were significantly expanded.  There are continuously a part of free power-ups and Level Impacts and Extraordinary Slingshots will be accessible in time to spare players in dilemma once you are at a stalemate of running out of birds but Pig’s castle has not been destroyed yet.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Angry Birds Friends 11.16.0
  • Category: Arcade
  • Developer: Rovio Entertainment Corporation
  • Price: Free
  • Requires Android: 5.1+
  • Size: 123.2MB

Change Log

Version 11.16.0 updated on Sep 22, 2023

  • New craftiest tournament
  • More UI and performance improvements



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