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Angry Birds Go! It’s a racing game modeled after Mario Kart. A variety of classic characters can be played in the game, including Red, Chuck, Terence, Stella, Pig King, and Moustache Pig. They all belong to one of two groups: birds or pigs. Angry Birds Go!

You’ll find more than half a dozen power-ups, including turbines, shields, missiles, and power-ups that make your character bigger. These should help you gain a slight advantage for at least a few seconds.

Introduction About Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Go! The rationale is simple – get around each track as fast as you can. With a wide variety of race modes, drivers, cars, tracks, and items, the game rarely gets boring. There are even real world toys to Go with Angry Birds! Use them together.

As a Redbird in the basic kart, the various race modes of each stage must be played in order to unlock new characters from that stage and open the next stage. Angry Birds Go! All your favorite songs are here, including Stella, Bomb, and The Blues.

The competition mode for each stage includes: Race (standard races against other characters where you must finish third or better), Time Bomb (finish the race before the bomb explodes), Fruit Splash (splash a specified amount of fruit before the finish line)), Versus (go head to head with another character), and Champion Chase (battle with unlockable characters that you must win three times to “own them”). Each period has five matches, time bombs, and fruit splashes.

Angry Birds Go now includes online multiplayer in which you can race against other players from around the world, or beat your Facebook friends, just like in Real Racing 3.

There are various new challenges to complete once you have completed certain sections of the race, and Facebook is integrated so that you can challenge your friends for high scores.

You need to keep upgrading because the competition demands more and more engine power. You’ll also accumulate gems that can be redeemed for speed boosts, energy boosts, and recharge. In addition to winning gems and coins through racing, Angry Birds Go! Gives you the opportunity to buy them through the game.

Angry Birds Go!  The freemium model! Not as bad as other big F2P games. The gold required to upgrade the kart can be earned by replaying the level, but gems are hard to come by. The main use of gems is to restore a driver’s energy levels, which are depleted after a few races. You won’t be able to play with the driver unless you wait a few minutes or pay to boost their energy. The wait times aren’t usually that long, and if you have enough unlocked characters, that’s not too bad.

Features of Angry Birds Go!

  • Angry Birds Go! Exciting campaign mode! Test your skills and unlock exclusive rewards in super fun and surprising matches!
  • Master the repertoire! Plenty of tracks, stunt roads, air tracks and cross country races – each race will challenge you in a way you never expected!
  • Awesome special power! With each character’s unique special abilities, destroy your opponent and occupy a winning position!
  • Upgrade your ride! Collect and upgrade your kart to become the best racer on the island!
  • Limited-time tournament! Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fastest? Go all the way to the top of the leaderboard and win prizes!
  • Match of the Day! Enter new races every day and find hidden gift boxes on the track!
  • Local multiplayer! Compete against your friends in real-time local multiplayer!

Gameplay of Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Go! Welcome to Piggy Island Downhill Racing! Outperform the competition for rewards, upgrade your kart, and become the best racer ever on Piggy Island! Set, set, go!

Race like a bird or pig in a 3D world! Drive alongside your favorite characters (Little Redbird, Chuck, Terence, Pig King, Moustache Pig, etc.) and see the Pig Island come to life in this colorful 3D world!

Apart from steering, there are various other things you need to consider to get you around the track in the first place. Things that can help include boosters that shoot forward when you drive past them, speed burst buttons (the effects of which vary from driver to driver), and a variety of interesting power boosts such as catapults, instant fixes, and permanent boosts.

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Angry Birds Go! is the first game to appear in 3D. The graphics look fantastic and have a slick cartoonish feel that fits well with the fun and crazy image of the Angry Birds brand.

Angry Birds Go! is a fun racing game that leverages the popularity of Angry Birds to create an addictive go-kart racing game with a variety of gameplay.


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