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Developed by the same company, Rovio Entertainment Corporation who created the original Angry Birds series, Angry Birds Transformers is not just the Angry Birds attacking the greedy pigs with casual and puzzle elements. In this game, you become a brave robot hero who wears bright armor and fights hard on vibrant battlefields where Angry Birds and Transformers combine together for the first time. How do these two creatures join together? If you can’t imagine it, download Angry Birds Transformers and give it a shot now.


✧ New Backdrop

EggSpark used his strong desire to create unusual and large robots out of bird eggs. They travel all around and ruin everything on Piggy Island. In the future, there might not be any more animals that can live here. Can someone prevent these angry robots from causing harm? AutoBirds are tough alien robots that were inspired by the classic robots in the famous Transformer movies. But, when they go to Piggy Island, the AutoBirds army mixes Angry Birds and Transformers. Specifically, Red portrays Optimus Prime, Chuck portrays Bumblebee, along with many other friends that you can unlock in the game. When you join a team of heroes in a battle to shoot EggSpark’s crazy robots, can you help bring peace back to Piggy Island?

✧ New Graphics

Angry Birds Transformers is totally a new game that is very different from the classic Angry Birds games. Instead of just shooting birds at structures, this game is a 3D action shooter with a different story. With a mesmerizing fusion of classic Angry Birds graphics seamlessly integrated into 3D advanced robs, you can relive the nostalgic vibes of classic Angry Birds elements fused with the essence of modern visual effects of transformers in this immersive experience.


Just like the original Transformers show, the AutoBirds warriors can battle using guns and lasers. And of course, fighters can change into cars that are awesome, strong, and speedy. The robot has a strong and protected body with amazing fighting skills.

The battle scene is much bigger with vast EggSparks, and if they take a few more steps, they can completely destroy an entire island. You can’t save Piggy Island by yourself right now. So, you need to work together with your enemy, the DECEPTIHOGS. Organize everything, change formations easily, share the teams evenly, choose when to use AutoBirds or DeceptiHogs, battle against robots, and change into cars to go faster!

➭ Transform Endlessly

All AutoBird warriors have different ways of attacking and fighting. To make the most of the robot army, it’s important to know and appreciate the strengths and abilities of each character. This is the only method that allows you to have a possibility of winning. This ability to transform is based on when and how AutoBird becomes a car, truck, tank, airplane, or anything you want. The characters have to keep moving to avoid getting hit by bullets, escape from enemies, and use any good chances they have to fight back.

➭ Upgrade your Bots

When it comes to being unbeatable, transformation is not the only factor. You should also use any weapon upgrades available to you. You have to gather stronger weapons, improve parts, and get new engines continually to make your AutoBirds more powerful in combat. When you get to a certain point in the game, you can also have Telepods that can be scanned to unlock, bring back to life, or strengthen the bosses that you have.

➭ Call friends for backup

If you’re not a solo fighter, you can make your crow shooting journey more thrilling by competing against other people in the Mighty League. You will always have fun playing Angry Birds Classic, whether you play alone or against others. Whether you go solo or team up with fellow players, your success in Angry Birds Transformers is determined by your skills and volition.

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