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Angry Gran Run v2.32.0 MOD APK(Unlocked Characters)

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Angry Gran Run is a game that never ends. Developed by Ace Viral, this game has done really well in its own way with over 50 million downloads and over 1 million positive reviews from players, which shows that it is not a copy of Temple Run, but a unique and high-quality game. Endless Runner is a type of game that originated from Sonic games, which are highly regarded and unforgettable. Even though the Sonic games are very easy to play, they have gained a lot of fans and love since they were first noticed and still continue to be popular today.


Forget about things like endless forests in Temple Run or hour-long cutscenes — jump right into Angry Gran Run where everyone will enjoy, no matter your parkour gaming experience. The game is about an old lady named Granny who is very strong. She is trapped in a mental hospital, but it’s really a secret group of criminals controlled by a bad guy named Fred. Luckily, Granny stumbled upon a way to get around the rules and tried to get away from this place as fast as possible. But the old woman is too old to find a way out, so the player needs to help Granny no matter what. Let’s help her get away from boss Fred’s hideout on her long, funny trip. 👵


Run & Jump & Dodge

The character in the game needs to keep running to stay alive. You need to help her avoid traps by jumping over them or hiding behind objects by moving her left or right to collect gold coins on the screen. Also, because this game is about running endlessly and not about fighting violently, there won’t be any violent scenes with blood. Granny is a kind person, and she can only avoid or push the bandits away and keep running without stopping.

Accumulate support Items

If you think the challenges in the game are too hard, you can purchase helpful items like magnetic shields, candy that slows down time, or temporary shoes that make you faster. These items are really useful and you can get them by trading diamonds at the store or by finding them while playing the game. Strive for the highest score, the highest amount of coins and items, and keep running until you are the best Gran runner in the world.


*Ironic Traps

Even though they may seem dangerous and scary, they are actually made to be funny and make people laugh. They could be a T Rex dinosaur running after her, a ninja throwing darts, a manhole, or even aliens. All to show the difficult journey of the old woman trying to escape, but still adding a clever and funny touch.

*Character Customization

You can use the gold collected to purchase items that make Granny look different, like a penguin or hippy costume, which adds more options for players to enjoy while playing the game. Instead of always playing with the same character as in other games, you can switch to a different character that you prefer. There are lots of really funny and adorable outfits that players can gradually unlock while playing.

*Carefully Crafted Graphics & Soundtracks

The design of the environment, objects, and characters in different cartoon styles are all very clear and colorful. Furthermore, all of them are made using a modern 3D platform that has multiple dimensions. The sounds of dinosaurs running and bandits screaming are recreated in a realistic way, along with gentle melodies to provide you with a totally immersive experience.

Take on the role of Grandma, grab your best slippers, and embark on a wonderful race for fun. Show that you are the best and survive the most rounds!

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  • Latest Version: Angry Gran Run v2.32.0
  • Category: Arcade
  • Developer: Ace Viral
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  • Android Version: 5.0+
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