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Most of the creatures we know are found on the Earth’s surface. Have you ever thought about whether there might be a hidden world beneath us, far below the surface that we don’t know about? Based on an imaginary world, Animal Inc. is a company that focuses on wealthy and beautiful animals that live underground. Everyone is living together peacefully and has the same needs as the species on earth.

You will become very knowledgeable about real estate in this secret world. At first, you only had a small place where people could eat and a place where things were made from natural resources. With your skills in running a business and managing things, you were able to slowly and steadily increase your real estate holdings. This led to the opening of various types of shops, restaurants, and places for dining and entertainment. Your valuable property is now being visited by people who live underground. You will go from being a regular person to becoming a very successful person in the secret world of real estate.


Like other simulators where you build and manage empires, in Animal Inc., you begin with a small restaurant and a factory to produce ingredients for the store. Make tasty drinks at the cafe using ingredients made at home, and make sure customers are happy and satisfied, which will lead to your own happiness and satisfaction. The cafe’s reputation can get better with satisfaction scores. The money you make from your business will be used for three important things: improving the factory where we make ingredients, and delicious cuisines, and expanding decorations and more places to display cakes in the shop.

◎ Hire New Buddies

If you want a business to last a long time, having good management skills is necessary. Hire employees, give them training, and oversee their work in each store so they can perform their best. Slowly create a strong team with hardworking employees like Cute Chicken, Tony Duck, and Hip Hop Dog who are ready to assist customers around the clock in a place that always brings brightness to your home. If you’re a good boss, you always make sure your employees are feeling nice by creating a wonderful place for your employees to work and relax.

◎ Battles of Negotiations

Animal Inc. has an interesting gameplay where animals negotiate and fight each other for territory. There are many other people who play, including other very rich people in the secret world of real estate. Each business has its own unique way of doing things, managing their operations, and targeting their customers. If you take over their land or make a successful sale, you will improve your situation a lot and make a lot of money in the future.

◎ Build Underground Workshop

You have a large piece of empty land near the factory that you are unsure how to use. If you spend the money from the cafe wisely, you will have more money than you need for investments, ranging from a little to a lot.

When you have enough money to invest, you will start thinking about constructing various buildings that can meet the different needs of people living underground even better. Fancy restaurants, sushi places, soup shops, and BBQ sales… By investing wisely and building a good reputation, you can become a successful real estate mogul and own a chain of well-known catering businesses in the secret world.

Download to create your underground workshop with animals and become the Inc. Tycoon now!

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  • Latest Version: Animal Inc. v1.0.1
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  • Developer: Loongcheer Game
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