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In Animal Lords, your main target is to rescue the land of Minos, a magical and thriving empire of animals facing rising forces of darkness. You play as the leader of the brave animal fighters and are called to spend all efforts at the appropriate moment. To guarantee victory in the upcoming epic war, the army should be carefully and cleverly combined and integrated with dozens of different types of animals at your disposal. We work together, use our strength as a group, and keep making new, special fighters who can fight against the rebel army and their mighty dragons over long distances.


All animals live happily in a special place called Minos. Underneath the ground, dragons have been sleeping for a very long time, which are blocked by magic put in place by the gods. One day, a group of animal armies wanted to take control of the whole land. To fulfill their evil intentions, they keep making trouble and starting fights, eventually resorting to using dark powers to wake up the dragons that are sleeping below the ground. They want to use the dragon’s immense power to conquer the world for themselves.

This is a crucial moment that can decide whether the world of Minos will survive or not. To fix the problem and protect Minos, you, the ruler of the land, bravely took action and brought together the most skilled animal warriors in the kingdom.


The land was in a big mess after the havoc, and everything was scattered and the people living there were very confused and upset. In addition to using clever fighting and teamwork plans, it’s important to take time to customize how your city is set up.

※ The Invincible Army

With dozens of different types of animals at your service, you can generate an unbeatable army of epic animals! Thanks to the power of the mix machine you will be able to combine tons of animals, the possibility of inventing thousands of brand-new and unique animals for your army is unlimited. Every animal warrior will increase in power and become stronger, even a legendary hero reaching the highest level. A group of famous characters coming together will create a very strong and unbeatable army.

※ The Superest World

The land of Minos which is all about animals, is divided into different parts based on geography. Every place you visit is an opportunity to learn new ways to fight, with every area having its own set of new heroes, which allows for the creation of different types of creatures and makes the army stronger. You can explore this massive, beautifully illustrated 3D land and unlock its hidden secrets, by forging relationships with its inhabitants, the animals, and scouring the plentiful environments for clues.

※ Real-time MMO Gameplay

With a matching & merging system at its core, Animal Lords allows players to enter exciting online battlefields with Meticulous animal animations and impressive 3D graphics, which will keep you immersed in this action-packed strategy game. Also, you can use your unique combat skills to fight in real-time against other players.

Your side has a powerful army made up of a lot of different kinds of animals. Whenever you defeat an enemy, you will earn a new slot to add another animal warrior. This kind of species can either be different or the same as the species you already have in your group. If the two boxes are the same, touch them and move them to make a new and stronger animal warrior than the first one. The most important thing is that “The Tree of Life” is in the city center. Nourish it with nutrients gained from winning in fights, and make the whole forest look organized.

Don’t wait any longer, embark on this epic adventure now!

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