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Animash is a casual mini-game where you can combine different species to create an exotic animal with unprecedented appearances and skills. Breed and build unique animal squads to make your animal world look just the way you want, by reading and contemplating the funny features in the description of the created beast. In this easy-to-play game, you can play for a long time without getting tired of it and you’ll love exploring the wonderful fantasy land of the Animash.


🧬 Endless Crossbreeding

There’s no survival of the fittest, and Animash is all about crossbreeding to develop new species. What kind of animal will a sheep cross with a snake produce? Once you know what the creatures are like, you can start mixing them together in any way you want by choosing animals and then combining two pictures of animals by putting them close together. That’s how you make a brand-new animal that can identify its parents as the two original species. If you mix a shark and a tiger, you’ll end up with a fish that has a sharp jaw like a shark and a body covered in stripes like a tiger which can move really fast in water and on land. When you mix a cute, chubby pig with an octopus, you create a squishy, jelly-like creature that has pig ears, a silly pig face, and octopus tentacles for legs. There are unlimited fascinating details about how blends are created.

The new animals have inherited special abilities from their parents that help them survive in their environment. So, when it comes to how they look, they are special and not like the F1 generation. In simple words, the ability to live is really good because it has the advantages of both animals.

🧪 A Condensed Biology Lesson

With any complicated gameplay or story, Animash still captivates lots of players. This fun application begins with a tall white screen where there are square pictures of animals that you know well from movies, real life, and books. If you’re not sure about what kind of animal it is, just touch the picture lightly. It sort of looks like a Pokedex but for actual animals in the wild. This set of information includes complete name, scientific name, how long it lives, where it lives, what it looks like, how heavy it is, how tall it usually is, how it lives, how it grows, how it reproduces, and its condition/position… The information also gives a detailed list of the unique skills linked to each type of creature. That’s why playing Animash can help you refresh your understanding of biology and natural science without needing to watch the Our Planet series again.

🧨 Unlimited Creative Inspiration

The most exciting part of Animash is the surprise it brings. You cannot know how the animal you breed will appear. Whenever the mixed animal shows up, you feel extremely thrilled and joyful. With many real animals available, how many different combinations do you think you can make by mixing them together? Animash is a fun game that you can keep playing without getting bored. You can play every day as many times as you want, no matter how short or long the game is, and always find joy after each crossbreed. Furthermore, the developer team keeps working hard on the game even after it has been launched. More animals are added to the game’s avatar list every 3 hours. The limitless creativity of players awaits!

Create the animal of your dreams, with diverse crossbreeding and fire-new creatures. Download Animash now and breed your own animal!

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  • Latest Version: Animash v75.0
  • Category: Casual
  • Developer: Abstract Software Inc.
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1+
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