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Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama, and King of the Hill band together in Animation Throwdown, an animation-based collectible card game for everyone. Collect your favorite animation characters, combine cards to unleash fantastic combos, and fight your way through this surprising adventure of animated proportions.


Card-collecting games may not be as popular as they were many years ago, but there are still a lot of people who really like and enjoy playing them. Kongregate is a well-known developer who has made exciting and animated action games. Two of their best games are Powerpuff Girls and Mutant Madness, which have made them very famous, and this developer is now more well-known than ever in the mobile market.

Animation Throwdown is a really popular card game that lots of people have downloaded, about ten million to be exact. It’s got a really high rating, 4. 5 out of 5, showing that Kongregate is skilled at creating good products. Designed to be a great compromise between stability, lightness, and content, Animation Throwdown is able to run on most devices, even without a dedicated video card.


Animation Throwdown with 30 chapters about the adventures, shows moments, and places from your favorite episodes. Funny bosses, great prizes, and increasing difficulty. What does the Futurama’s Space Bee say when you play a powerful card? How does the 70s Hot Tub from American Dad react when it wins a battle? Go on a thrilling adventure to discover the answers.

🕹 Basic Rules

The rules of this game are pretty easy: you just have to pick five cards before the game begins. During the game, each player will use a card they have in their hand. The card will have a different amount of health and attack power. The person who does not have any cards in their hand and has a score of 0 (if they get attacked) loses the game. Also, players can fully utilize special powers from key cards or combine multiple cards to create much stronger attacks. Naturally, these abilities are only used in specific situations and conditions, apart from constantly relying on them which can cause problems.

🃏 Card Collection

The card collecting is interesting because there are more than 100 cards available of different cartoon characters. These cards are categorized from common to rare and very rare. They really want players to keep playing to find new and stronger cards that belong to their favorite characters.

Furthermore, as you collect more cards, they can build better decks by coming up with and trying out various ways of playing and winning. You won’t get bored playing this game because every card, no matter how rare, has its own special strengths and weaknesses and also has different unique abilities.

🚩 PVP Arena

Besides the normal game mode where you play through a story with over 30 levels on 30 different islands, you can also take part in multiplayer matches against other players or join a guild war with many people. Play against people from around the world in the multiplayer Arena. Collect Hero tokens to increase the level of your favorite characters, like Bender, Consuela, Bobby, and Zapp Brannigan.

If you think the modes mentioned above are too easy for you, you can try Onyx Mode and Secret Fight Club. However, these modes are only available after you finish the challenging plot. Also, you can take part in special events that have great rewards for a short period of time. Fight against other players, unusual bosses, and strange events to win special prizes, including new cards, and a big bunch of unlockable stuff!

Collect awesome cards, make friends all over the world, and get ready to Rumble. Download and prove you’re literally the best in the world!

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  • Android Version: Android 5.0+
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