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Anime High School Girl Life 3D is a school role-playing game full of a bunch of amazing interactive gameplay elements along the way. You are a high school student who is both exemplary and naughty and studies in a huge school full of different girls and boys. Experience the nostalgia and emotions of being a student who is both good and mischievous, helping them fulfill their dream. Once more, you will remember good times, recall amusing stories from school with special friends, and relive many school activities and events in the game.


School age is a period of time when your life can be both calm and chaotic with joyful and frustrating memories. Even though Anime High School Girl Life 3D has just come out, a lot of people on forums are talking about and liking its unique gameplay. With a remarkably open design, players of Anime High School Girl Life 3D don’t have any specific instructions or tasks to follow. Other than some story elements, players are free to do what they want. The developer makes it possible for them to have a comfortable and enjoyable virtual student life without any restrictions.

◎ Transform Into a High School Girl

At the start of the game, you will pretend to be a mischievous and clever girl from school, doing typical student things. Players will wake up in the morning and do things like brushing their teeth, combing their hair, and getting ready for the day. They will also check their homework and gather their books, then make breakfast for everyone. After that, they will take their books to school, which feels like a second home to them.

◎ Experience High School Things

As a high school student, you will encounter various things in school that can be easy or hard. It’s like playing a role-playing game where you can invite friends to eat together, pay attention when teachers talk, and try to pass difficult exams. These are just some of the things you will do in school. It may seem easy, but the specific things the developer includes will make players not notice that they have been looking at the screen for many hours.

◎ Make Fun of Other Students

The developer lets players join in dance parties during special school events. If you win, you’ll become the most popular girl in school because of your talent. After becoming good friends with someone, you can ask them to play pranks on other students like throwing chalk or water, dropping banana peels, or throwing paper. It’s a lot of fun because didn’t we and our friends used to do even naughtier things in the past.

◎ Try Extracurricular Activities & Get a Date

Besides taking part in learning activities, gamers will also have the opportunity to try out extracurricular activities like running, martial arts, sports like soccer and basketball, and events like the long jump. These activities are recreated to resemble the ones found in traditional school settings.

However, you will meet and become friends with a lot of different characters at school. You are expected to gradually forge relationships through a variety of in-game activities, like talking, dating, and other interesting events. The game not only lets you have a special love connection with a fantastic boyfriend but also go on a date and experience the amazing feeling of falling in love for the first time, which we might have missed when we were younger. Who knows, you can even stumble upon love in this dense adventure in high school!

Get ready to start a journey to high school full of fun and surprises, learn how to make friends, be kind to others, and have fun with the people you love!

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