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Anime Story Otome Game: Comino is a novel-based and engaging game that looks like an anime, which includes a variety of romantic stories where you can make choices and explore different outcomes. Players will take on the role of the main female character in the story of the novel. You can understand how things are going by looking at pictures in order reading a book, and making choices to change what happens next in the details. In the game, you will have the power to intervene and make important decisions that will determine what happens to the main character.


An otome game is a kind of video game where you can get deeply involved in romantic relationships. It is mainly targeted toward people who enjoy the beauty of love and relationships. Otome games typically designed for girls are a type of interactive storytelling that falls under the visual novel genre. Otome games can come in many different styles and forms, without any specific limitations. The story can be about normal things, a detective solving a mystery, a love story, or something scary, and there are also other things that have an impact on the story.

This game tells a story using pretty pictures with a cute cartoon style, interesting characters, and a lovely romantic tale. When you play the Otome game, you will feel like you’re really immersed in a beautiful world of love. You’ll see pictures, hear music, and even hear the characters talking to you.


There are many stories for you to explore and have fun reading. Love stories in Anime Story Otome Game: Comino comes in different types or categories. There are stories about detectives solving crimes, stories about love in school, stories about real-life comedy, and even stories that are a bit scary. Overall, there is a sense of being gentle, light, and comfortable, without being excessive, showing off, or putting in too much effort. In this collection of love stories, any decision you make will make you feel at ease and calm. Here is a summary of a few stories in the Anime Story Otome Game: Comino:

Ⅰ: My Young Boyfriend

The main character is a young girl who is full of life, but she often has bad luck when it comes to romantic relationships. After having a lot of relationships that didn’t work out, you start to lose interest in dating. When feeling really lonely and sad, I unexpectedly met a guy who was perfect for me. He was nice and made me feel weak, almost like I wanted to pass out, which made me not want to stay in one place. But when you met him, you discovered that the other person was still attending high school. How will you handle your relationship?

Ⅱ: Would You Sell Your Soul?

In this scary story, you will be the main character who has been fooled by her partner. Unfortunately, a car crash happened on the road. You wake up without realizing and discover that your soul has separated from your body. Right now, a person who said he was a devil suddenly appeared in front of him and asked if he would give him his soul in exchange. And when people hold onto each other like that, there is no love if it is not healthy or positive.

Ⅲ: You’re Mine

This story tells the tale of a girl who is just like any other and doesn’t have much money. Destiny caused her to meet two boys with unusual personalities at the same time. They were both distant yet kind and came from wealthy families, unlike her own. One of them is the attractive manager of the cafe, while the other is the adorable assistant at the cafe where she works part-time. What will you do when faced with two options at once?

Ⅳ: Mystery of the Phantom Ghost Town

This time it’s a scary and mysterious theme. In a town near the city, there was a man who really didn’t like people and stayed by himself in a very remote location where most people wouldn’t feel comfortable going. And you are the girl who is an expert at assisting ghosts known as Phantoms. Both of them have a connection because their spirits gradually become closer to each other. They have a special fondness for each other and begin a romantic relationship.

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