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Have you gone through numerous hours inundated with manga comics that open up an enchanted world? Ever sat for hours before a TV screen looking forward to each modern scene approximately a certain pleased hero’s story? Amid those times, you must have envisioned yourself as an amazing legend, a portion of the wicked fights on the screen. Now you’ve got the opportunity to embark on an epic adventure as you’ve imagined in Anime: The Multiverse War, a multiverse battling RPG in a real-time 2D world where you may encounter tons of popular heroes and scalawags from world-famous anime, and have full control to wage epic fights. Traverse the anime world and become victorious in the multiverse war, explore, converse… Numerous elements are deeply intertwined in this action-packed fighting RPG!


Anime: the Multiverse War is not constrained to just a certain story. The curtain rises on the battle between multiverse heroes and villains. It is a world where characters from different stories can meet and interact with each other, no matter what order or timeline their stories are in.

In the original story, characters will be divided into different groups based on their abilities, backgrounds, and skills. You can choose the type of character you want to play, from skilled archers known as Hunters who are extremely accurate from far distances, to highly trained Ninjas who possess impressive ninja techniques. There are also death gods, magicians, or just fighters. Heroes can be any age, or gender, without any difference. Everyone comes together in a world called Anime: The Multiverse War.


The combat component in Anime: The Multiverse War is additionally evaluated very well. With progressed controls, relentless customization adaptability, and speedy & exact attacks, you can select to play solo against computer rivals or select to play online against adversaries around the world without halting at the 1v1 arena. The versatile gameplay makes you fully immersed in the attractive anime with manga characters.

⊱ Basic Control ⊰

Anime: The Multiverse War to bring the foremost generous soul to all players, has planned a very adaptable control instrument. Particularly, players can move forward, in reverse, bounce, twofold hop, maintain a strategic distance from assaults, move behind enemies, battle, and utilize their signature weapons to battle. However, you’ll ceaselessly press the B button on the screen to perform lovely combo combos or combine the center button and the Y button to dispatch greatly high-damage wrapping-up blows.

⊱ Knock Down Your Opponents ⊰

A match is considered finished when one side has used up all of its health. In team battle mode, if all members of one team are destroyed, that team will lose. Slice and knock down those who stand in your way, and your creativity and combat skills can make it through.

⊱ Various Encounters ⊰

When playing Anime: The Multiverse War, you’ll be able to openly role-play any character in well-known animation like Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Punch Man, and One Piece. Then, jump into the action, battling against another hero from the same universe or from a completely different story. You can also be ready to get your hands dirty and be the bad guy for a change by building a world filled with villains. In this game, you can start a war even in the most ridiculous situation.

⊱ Versatile Modes ⊰

For people who like old video games, this is definitely a nostalgic treat because the way the game is played reminds them of a lot of old games from the past. There are many different ways to play the game Anime: The Multiverse War, such as:

  • Normal Fight
  • Survival
  • Tutorial
  • Training
  • Tournament

You can also choose to take part in two-fighter groups or in single-player mode.

Get ready to be completely immersed in the anime world of explosive action scenes, and turn-based wars. Download and have fun now!

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  • Developer: Room Studios
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  • Android Version: Android 5.0+
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