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Anti Terrorist Shooting Game v12.3 MOD APK(Guns & Levels Unlocked)

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Anti-Terrorist Shooting Game, a quality terrorist-themed FPS on mobile, is a tactical team-based shooting game where superior fighting strategy and execution triumph. Featuring multiplayer battle, various game modes, and immersive shooting experience, it can impress you deeply, whether you’re playing for the first time or have tons of battlefield shooting experience.


The world right now is extremely unsafe: Terrorism is a problem in both cities and rural areas. Technology has made terrorists more careless. The country has created a special team to handle the issue of terrorism. And you are a highly skilled soldier of the Task Force. The job of the task force is to locate and follow terrorists, using their fighting skills to prevent their progress and unexpected assaults. You and your teammates will work together as a group to fight against terrorism. As you progress, you will play an important role in stopping and getting rid of terrorism.


In addition to stopping terrorism, you must also ensure the safety of the victims. Cases where innocent people are held captive, bombings, and violent attacks happen, and many innocent people get impacted.

◈ Rescue & Protect Hostages

Take part in missions to rescue hostages and defuse bombs in a game mode where you compete against other players. Create your path by interacting with characters that drive the storyline and completing different tasks. With your marksmanship shooting talent, you can go further into the game by completing missions against terrorists.

◈ Master Your Arsenal

This game has a lot of advanced weapons like pistols, rifles, and bombs. You can use different weapons depending on the situation in the game and defeat enemies by shooting them from a distance. The game is fast and there is a lot of fighting. There are many enemies, but players can aim and shoot easily as a special forces soldier. Any weapon can be used or handled easily without any rules or limitations.

◈ Tear off Zombies

If you’re bored of fighting terrorists or find the missions too easy, you can try the Zombie Shooting Mode. In this mode, the player needs to keep the human base safe from zombies and fight off any zombies that try to get in. All the zombies in the city are going to this base. You have to be careful and quick, respond well to changes, and be there in every situation.


Apart from the Zombie Shooting Mode, there are some unique game modes for you to explore. With these several online modes and in-game events, battles in Anti Terrorist Shooting Game never stop!

  • Multiplayer Battle: If you don’t enjoy playing alone, you can join a fun multiplayer shooting game. In the game called Anti-Terrorist Shooting, there are battlefields where teams of up to 30 players fight against each other, and the team that stays alive will win.
  • Bomb Defuse Mode: In this mode, layers have to work together to find and deactivate a bomb before it explodes. Terrorists are very tough because they can use bad tricks to hurt innocent people without mercy. In bomb-defusing mode, you will encounter various situations where crazy terrorist groups have planted bombs.
  • Tank Battle: Players control tanks and engage in combat with each other. The tank battles in the Anti-Terrorist Shooting Game are also very important. In this game mode, you drive a military tank and battle in a hectic war zone. There are lots of tanks to discover. You can test your racing skills, drive on various types of land, and even shoot guns and rockets at enemies in intense battles.

Download now, evolve alongside the ever-changing battlefield with your teammates, and become the most experienced shooting ace there!

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  • Latest Version: Anti Terrorist Shooting Gamev12.3
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: Frenzy Games Studio
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0+
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