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Developed by Limitless, LLC, Apple Knight is a perfect role-playing game for players who are immensely addicted to games of retro style. Aside from its nostalgic gaming atmosphere, the game is quite relaxing and enjoyable to play over time. However, with several modern features, including the ability to quickly control the touch on mobile devices, Apple Knight may make you feel very different.

Your ultimate mission to fulfill in Apple Knight is to devastate the dictatorial king and bring freedom back to the kingdom and its people. Please remember that you won’t find the king right away, and you have to fight different enemies before he appears.


At first glance, Apple Knight is a normal old-fashioned game where you move from one side to another to reach the end. The main character is a small and brave hero, with their mission to defeat all enemies like witches, scary creatures, and strong monsters, and restore the sacred forest.

As you play, you will find many big levels. Every location has lots of hidden things, many people who want to harm you, small missions, and special treasures. Remember to eat juicy red apples while you’re going, they will give you more points and help you feel better faster. The boss in Apple Knight is not someone who judges others. They have advanced artificial intelligence that can respond to your attacks, and can also avoid or pick a different way to attack.


♢ Smooth Controls

One special thing about Apple Knight is that you can control it easily and accurately by touching the screen. You can control the game easily by tapping on the virtual buttons on the screen. The movement will be smooth and the animations will be seamless. With these buttons, Apple Knight allows you to change the way the controls look on the screen. You can choose to make the controls match the way you like to play the game.

♢ Varied Weapons

Besides using various weapons like knives, swords, guns, and rockets to fight, you can also set up traps along the way using things found on the road. This way, you can defeat multiple groups of enemies without risking yourself from afar. As you improve your skills and get better weapons, you will start seeing upgrades that let you increase your attack range. This will help you defeat stronger enemies as you progress to higher levels.

♢ Character Development System

With the in-game character development system, Apple Knight allows you to be able to sharpen the powers of your knight. If you use this system and pick a job, you can improve and grow your character’s abilities to do better and find new combinations.

♢ Intricate Levels

There are 40 different levels to explore, which are divided into four separate worlds. In every world, there are ten parts and one powerful enemy to beat as said before. There are lots of witches, scary monsters, and strong bosses to beat. Each level always has 2 secret areas, try to find them and unlock a diverse range of items planted here. Also, you will never fight alone in this game. Remember to choose a small but powerful pet that can help you smash all enemies.

♢ Endless Game Modes

Apple Knight is a story about a hero who goes on a journey to fight villains in a forest. You can have fun on this journey in different ways: keep playing random levels forever or compete for the highest score on the leaderboards. Each game mode has many levels with a lot of challenges, enemies, and big bosses to defeat.

Download now and forge your own path to success in Apple Knight! An epic action-packed role-playing adventure through a vast ruined kingdom awaits.

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  • Latest Version: Apple Knight v2.3.4
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  • Developer: Limitless, LLC
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  • Android Version: Android 7.0+
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