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Aquarium Party is a cozy and relaxing simulator with a beautifully drawn aquarium engine anime style.  Designed for players who adore excellence and tender gaming experience, Aquarium Party is a wonderful game that you should download right away on your phone and enjoy whenever you have free time. Customize your aquarium as you like from a small starter tank to your ideal fish empire by filling your collection with unique exotic fish and color variants.


The story in Aquarium Party starts when Princess Bubbles picks you to help her take care of the aquarium. After getting the invitation, the player’s character didn’t waste any time and decided to leave the busy city life. They embarked on a journey to enter the aquarium and take care of some beautiful aquariums there. Achieving the goal of the original Bubbles mission takes more than just a short amount of time. It is a group of jobs that are similar to each other.

Your mission is to gather unusual, new fish and place them in a container of water. The next thing to do is to make the fish tank look pretty and shiny by adding decorations. Please remember to take good care of the fish so they can grow up healthy and pretty. Finally, you bring all the normal fish tanks together in one spot. You set up a special area at the bottom of the Aquarium, making it a fun and exciting place for everyone who comes to visit.


🐋 Unlock New Species

It was really fun to watch the fish swim happily in the new aquarium, wagging their tails in a welcoming way. But it is not easy to take care of a small fish until it grows into an adult and can swim freely in the aquarium, which needs a considerable amount of effort and the ability to wait calmly.

You have to make a different eating plan for each type of fish. Next, gather the most important qualities or characteristics of each type of living organism. Afterward, you collect that essential information in a single location. When you need a lot of a certain thing, you use it to trade for different types of fish.

🦈 Upgrade the Fish

The Aquarium Party lets you see many special kinds of animals growing up. Different breeds of fish grow and change at different rates, depending on how well they are taken care of. You can also attempt to give the fish a different type of food to create new versions of them that are different from the original. When you grow and change enough, you can take control of a group of stars called Fish. If you find all 12 groups of stars that form constellations shaped like Fish, you will get to use cute characters from those constellations.

🌟 Explore Star Tour

There is a special vehicle called the Star Tour that helps you explore different parts of the world and find many kinds of beautiful fish. In these Star Tours, you can bring some of your adorable fish to make a group of fish fighters. Make sure your group of fish can compete fairly with the groups of fish owned by other players. Watch the funny fights and get a chance to win cool prizes if you win. Similar to gathering additional uncommon fish species.

🐾 Collect Pets

Later in the game, you will need the assistance of small pets, like the fish in the tank. You can get these pets by participating in events or going on adventures to islands with pretty fish. Winning contests or taking part in challenging activities will increase the number of pets you can have. There will be many different shapes that will come one after another, and they will be your friend and helpful assistant.

Download now, make friends online with like-minded fishers, and construct a dream aquarium in this squeaky new setting!

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  • Latest Version: Aquarium Party v2.2.14.0
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: Hong Kong NanSanNan Technology Co., Limited
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  • Android Version: Android 5.0+
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