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Developed by VOODOO, Archer Hero 3D is the latest action archer game with unique and creative gameplay, which has achieved over ten million downloads and tons of compliments. Instead of focusing on a specific group of players, this game can be enjoyed by anyone anywhere. In Archer Hero 3D, players will play a simple game similar to archery mini-games, but with a new and unique design.


Archer Hero 3D is a game in which you need to knock down the mugger and protect the hostage to become a true professional. Become the professional killer for hire, the greatest archer in the world. Take aim, and let your arrow fly in this chaos. Choose your path, as you traverse many mysterious maps that lay in front of you. Tons of loot and challenging enemies await…

  • No Specific Plot

This game doesn’t have any special story, and it all focuses on how to make players feel relaxed. Your job is to defeat all the bad guys on different levels and bring them back to life, bringing peace to the world again.

  • Let Your Arrow Fly

You can’t fight the bandits with their hands, so they get a strong bow and lots of arrows. With this weapon, the player can defeat the bandits and take back the land they’ve taken over, which helps them complete the level. However, this process of destroying and occupying can become addictive in the game, which shows how good the developer VOODOO is.


⇲ Vast Maps

Maps are pictures or diagrams that show the earth’s surface or specific parts of it. They help us understand the layout and features of different places, such as cities, countries, or continents. Maps are designed to be easy to read and interpret. They use symbols, colors, and lines to represent things like buildings, roads, rivers, and mountains. Maps are beneficial for navigation, planning trips, and discovering new places. For instance, players can shoot bows and arrows from high areas in certain maps. This is advantageous because enemies won’t be able to reach the player quickly. Another strategy is shooting down enemies from cliffs to the sea on narrow terrain.

⇲ Challenging Enemies

If you don’t have a good plan for each kind of robbery, like knowing how to shoot well or stay far away, it’s normal to have to go back to the city frequently to recover, even in certain levels. After some time, the game becomes much faster and you can only shoot each enemy a few times before they quickly attack and defeat the player in a split second.

⇲ Increasing Difficulty

The first levels of the game are easy so that players can get used to how the game works. But as the game goes on, there are more and more bandits to fight, and they become stronger and have special abilities. The game will have special actions like throwing darts and using a shield or a big sword, which will make it harder for players.

⇲ Immersive Graphics & Sounds

Archer Hero 3D may not have incredible graphics or special effects, but the design of the environment and the characters are well done in their unique animation style, along with the effects on objects. The game is even better because the fighting feels very real. The background music is not outstanding but decent. However, the sound effects are lifelike and certain to make the player happy throughout their experience.

Are you confident with your archery skills? Now download and show us what you’ve got by playing Archer Hero 3D online.

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  • Latest Version: Archer Hero 3D v1.9.6
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: VOODOO
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0+
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