Archero v5.3.4 MOD APK(Menu, High Damage, Attack Though Wall)

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Archero, an action-packed roguelike game with a shining settlement, will bring you this extraordinary encounter. If you enjoy archery, you will definitely love Archero because of its funny and cute designs. Archero is a fun and exciting game where you need to have good skills and positioning. Youโ€™ll play the role of an archer hero in this game where you can harness different skills to fight against tons of monsters. Travel through the distant world in Archero renowned for brave warriors and fearsome enemies, to find a way to save your kingdom.


Invaded by hordes of cruel monsters, the Kingdom is on the verge of death. The evil creatures ruined all places, causing very chaotic situations that had never been seen before. You are the only archer who can stop the monsters and bring peace to the land.

According to the people of Archero, you are like a superhero who defends the kingdom from monsters. However, do not easily become satisfied or content. The evil power that we must deal with in the game is very strong. Their power is very strong, and most importantly, the number is always getting bigger. You’re a lone hero and your only weapon is a wooden bow. How can you fight an uphill battle to bring peace back?


  • Basic Controls

In this game, you only need to focus on four buttons. These buttons control the movement of characters. During the game, your archer will shoot on its own towards the opponent. However, the archer will only shoot when it is not in motion. That is why Archero is difficult because you may get hurt while focusing on shooting.

  • Build Your Skillset

Players have the opportunity to create a strong deck of skills that can be combined for maximum impact. With a wide variety of skills to choose from, you will have the opportunity to try out different combinations to find the best play style that suits you. To be a true archery master, you need to learn other skills, gather different kinds of arrows, and keep a strong fighting attitude.

Once you reach certain levels in Archero, you will be able to unlock a group of abilities that you can use during gameplay. You have three options for skills, but you can only choose one. Furthermore, every set of skills is unique, but they all have value. An elemental attack is when you can shoot many arrows at the same time or shoot at monsters nonstop. There are some abilities where your attacks can bounce off walls or go through enemies.

  • Unlock Exclusiveย Items

In every fight, when you defeat the enemy, you can unlock new items and money. Also, you have the option to swap out the old wooden bow your character has with a new weapon or equipment. Besides becoming stronger, you have the option to improve your character and weapons. This will make you more powerful and better equipped to defeat enemies. Just fill your success with exclusive items and special bows that you may craft to perfection, and always have that next upgrade just on the horizon with Archeroโ€™s randomized loot and diverse combat weapon system.

  • Special Helpers for You

In addition, the skill support branches can also be very helpful to you. Choosing the right archery style that suits you and your weapons will determine how you practice. This will help you use your power in the best possible way. Pets are a great company and should not be overlooked. They can help you fight enemies or give you some health when you really need it.

Agile and fearless, use your pace and superb Archery to dismember those who stand in your way!


Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Archero v5.3.4
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: Habby
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0+
  • Size: 1.32GB



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