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Area-Z, a zombie fighting game, will bring you to a collapsed society where the virus has spread with the speed of jet planes. Area-Z offers a fun zombie fighting experience in a shorter and easier way. With a modern 3D block animation style and top-down perspective combined with versatile storytelling, A rea-Z could be an action-packed zombie game with great compatibility with numerous smartphone lines since it does not require as much equipment and capacity. If you are a lover of the post-apocalyptic genre, and searching for high-paced and skill-based combat, Area-Z is perfect for you.


Area-Z takes put in a cutting-edge daydream world in 2031. At this time, a bizarre infection is showing up. They spread in an assortment of ways, and anybody without the antibodies is promptly tainted, turning into furious zombie beasts searching for people to eat. As a result, all of humankind was demolished in a moment, nearly totally void of individuals.

Those who are fortunate to outlive and have not been assaulted by zombies have come together, shaped a survival gather, and found a way to battle to ensure themselves and keep up the remaining source of humankind. At the same time, they chose to discover an unused sort of counteracting agent to battle the disease of that frightening infection.


On the endless Unused York City war zones, each road is presently filled with zombies. They wander around in the interest of people, either in bunches or separately. You’ll get missions to murder zombies in several areas agreeing to the lead of the amusement as a city specialist, the final beam of trust for the individuals of the rope.

☞ Your Mission

As an anti-zombie warrior, you may get a lot of different assignments, at the side survival and assurance objectives. Battle and slaughter zombies to discover a modern arrive to construct a base, wipe out zombies in arrange to discover nourishment sources for the base, ensure the inquiry about the region of researchers, and free individuals who are trapped within the region Zombies arrive at the city… But to begin with, they ought to battle zombies to outlive, protect their lives, and secure the researchers who are still lively to investigate and medicate against the infection.

☞ Extend Your Carnage

Choose up the weapon, navigate precisely to pan the bullet, and crush all the walking dead. Use your surroundings to defeat many enemies at the same time. In simple words: Use sneaky tactics, be brave, and attack the zombies. Find the best spot on the battlefield. You have lots to do to finish each tough mission.

☞ Devastating Weaponry

To make the game easier, the character’s weapons should be improved so they can fight more enemies at once, which will help them stay alive and kill zombies faster. Area-Z has a variety of guns that have different purposes and abilities to cause harm. Each kind of gun needs a different type of bullet. When you progress in the game and gather rewards, you will be able to get more advanced bullets and guns.

☞ Various Game Modes

With 3 main game modes, you can choose one that suits your taste.

  • Survival: Sent to the laboratory and areas of the survivor’s base, you must find a way to survive, and shred all the undead.
  • Defense: No matter what, make sure no zombies can enter your defenses.
  • Mastering the Battlefield: This mode puts you into endless waves of zombies and you have to kill as many of them as possible to get higher scores.

How long can you keep calm and fight back without joining the horde of the living dead? Download Area-Z to defend your city!

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  • Latest Version: Area-Z v0.1.9
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: RisingWings
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android
  • Size: 481.0MB



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