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ARIDA: Backland’s Awakening is a survival game with an alluring and exquisite cartoon design based in the Brazilian backlands, which checks how well you know about survival in arid regions and unveils a special story about a family.  If you have some extra time and can spend a few minutes getting involved in the character’s continuous actions, there is nothing better than playing a survival game. You can easily have access to this causal and survival game on your mobile now


The story happens in a desolate area during the late 1800s in Brazil. You play as Cicera, a skinny girl with a face that looks both grown-up and childlike. The place where she and her parents live with other people has gone through a very bad period without rain. The people in the village have gone in different directions looking for water. Her parents are part of the group too. They asked Cicera to remain in the village and wait for her parents to bring her some water. However, they do not return. The girl made up her mind to go away and walked across the dry and dangerous land to search for her mom and dad. During her journey, she will encounter numerous risky hardships…


🌎 Explore the Aridest Regions

Explore the driest places to learn more about the deserted areas and find the things you need to continue your journey. It is always a good idea to have a complete list of all the things you have.

Cicero has to be very careful and move slowly because it is very hot outside and she wants to leave this place. As she was walking, she was very concerned about whether her parents were still alive or had fallen on the road. This is what keeps Cicera going, no matter how tough things get.

⚒ Equipped to Venture out

You need to gather everything you find along the way to gather supplies, craft tools, and create weapons for protection. You can collect rainwater or dew in the morning with the tools you made, and hunt small animals in dry regions to solve the food problems.

Later on, You can also skillfully craft your tool, like an axe or a hoe, to help dig out the remaining small water sources underground and locate drinking water. There are big and small knives on the road too. Not a lot, but sufficient for you to survive until you locate your parents.

👨‍👩‍👧 Interact to Survive

When there is a drought in the backlands, feeling hungry and thirsty can be very painful and difficult to bear. Get assistance from the older people in your village and complete their tasks to receive rewards.

When you travel through the driest areas, you will come across a lot of little groups of people spread out in the region. Whenever you travel, you will find people who are hungry and thirsty. But you can still ask the people in these villages for help by granting a wish for them, and they will give you water and food in return. This is also a smart way to stay alive when traveling far away.

🔎 Unveil the Secret

The Brazilian backlands is a unique area, where many interesting stories occur that can only happen there. Go on a mission to find valuable objects that were lost and discover more about the stories and myths of the remote areas. As you moved forward, you collected items and strange objects in hidden places. By studying them, you started to figure out the truth and understand why the land had become so dry. From this point, we slowly learn the secret of this place.

Get ready to face the great drought in this historical game that mixes elements of survival and adventure. Download now!

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