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Have you ever imagined becoming a character doing a billion-dollar bank robbery in Money Heist for once? Now everything is realized in Armed Heist, a chaotic action game of heist that centers around a challenging premise. You’ll take the role of a determined desperado tasked with successfully looting money from banks, shops, and various buildings.

A Breathtaking World Born from Money Heist

Money Heist is a well-liked TV show about a bunch of skilled individuals who come together to steal a lot of money from the national bank. The movie is really exciting with lots of surprising and suspenseful moments. The criminals all wear masks, and even the victim wears a mask to trick the police. The story is very captivating, and some people might watch this movie and wish they could be one of the bandits in a video game. Now you don’t need to wish anymore because everything you wanted has become a reality in the Armed Heist game, which was especially based on Money Heist.


Armed Heist is a fast and exciting online shooting game where lots of players can play together, and the camera is positioned behind the character. You will be a bank robber and work with your friends to do very important robberies worth billions of dollars.

✦ Lock and load

Robbery can be a dangerous event. A refined combat system in this game offers you the tools to deal with any situation. To complete tough and risky tasks, you have to go through extensive training and create a thorough plan. Also, tons of special tools, machines, and powerful weapons await. After some successful robberies and saving up a lot of money, you begin to purchase special engines and make your own unique and powerful guns that regular people can’t even imagine. Whether you prefer long-range sniper rifles, pistols, and more, each weapon type can be customized to complement your playstyle.

✦ Fulfill shooting challenges

Armed Heist offers over 70 exciting missions where you rob banks and engage in shooting battles. You will soon turn into a heartless criminal and the most unsafe thief in the country. With our special 3D Crime maps that use a bank database, you can find out how secure each place is and make a plan to protect it. Each time a bank robbery shooting happens, it takes place in a different location, which makes the experience completely unique, from planning the crime to actually doing it.

✦ Improvise at anytime

During the robbery, there will be many factors that will make it difficult for you and your team to stick to the original plan. Being able to think on your feet and come up with creative solutions will help you and your team win.

Armed Heist is an exciting game that will give you a thrilling experience at every level. Every bank robbery challenge is different. They can vary in size, the way they are done, and how they are carried out. Each time you play this game, there are difficult shooting tasks that you need to complete. How well you and your teammates can move, use vehicles, navigate the map, and do tricks will affect how challenging the shooting tasks are.

✦ Unlock playable characters

Armed Heist is not just about having fun shooting scenes, in addition, the game also offers a range of different characters to make it even more exciting for players. Players can make their own characters who rob banks. You can pretend to be anyone you want when you wear a mask. In the game, you can choose to be a scary clown, a bad soldier, or a tough gangster. There are cool masks, strong vests, and cool outfits for you to unlock.

Download to sneak, drill, bomb, or hack your way to the loot now!

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  • Latest Version: ARIDA: Armed Heist v2.9.7
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: Sozap
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  • Android Version: Android 7.0+
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