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Developed by Naxeex, a well-known company that has made cool games like Rope Hero: Vice Town, Real Gangster Crime, and Vegas Crime Simulator. Inspired by toys, now the company has made a new game, Army Toys Town where you will play as a toy soldier who rules the fascinating toy kingdom. There is a whole toy world out there for you to explore!


In Army Toys Town, you will play as a brave soldier who has gained a lot of fighting skills from participating in different wars around the world. In the game, you have a significant role in saving the toy world. As the hero toy and leader of this messy toy room, you can use your skills to create your own way of playing war. Follow these guidelines to create a plan for making everything in the toy house grow and stay safe. The aim is to keep yourself and others secure, defend against any unlawful intruders, and shield your community in any circumstances.


Army Toys Town is both innovative and interesting. It is more like a 3D role-playing simulation game where you will feel like a kid, making up stories about your toys.

☆ Upgrade

Army Toys Town offers a way for you to improve your characters and make them stronger in your fights. Go to the store and navigate to the skills section. There, you will find a list of statistics that you can improve, such as maximum health, stamina, resistance to bullets, med kit effectiveness, vehicle speed, melee attack speed, and pistol damage. Use your skill points to make each stat better.

☆ Customize

Apart from the upgrading, many people enjoy the ability to personalize their toy hero in Army Toys Town by choosing from a wide range of hats and clothes. Purchase special weapons using coins and gems to enhance your gameplay and fight against enormous creatures.

☆ Forge Your Own Path

Apart from the endless character customization, you can make different toy houses and choose any military time period you want in Army Toys Town. You can make up your own challenges and have numerous fights with enemies in various ways. In every fight, many toys that look like real weapons, equipment, and vehicles will be seen in the toy house. There are characters that are needed for defense. Organize and control your troops and customize how you fight to have your own wars that you can change and customize however you want in the game world.

☆ Build Your Toy Kingdom

Learn from the knowledge gained in past conflicts to create a plan to gain control of the toy town. You’re the only one who can do this job because you’re a trained professional soldier compared to the toys scattered around. Besides being in charge of organizing and arranging the toys, making sure each item is in its proper place, and following a plan, you also need to get the toy kingdom ready to protect itself.

Nobody knows when the tyrannosaurs will show up. Next, you will need to confront the knights, the animated monsters, and the opposing army. They can come at any moment and scare the people in the toy house. You need to move things around and use fighting strategies to make really strong attacks and defenses. From that point, you continue to maintain the safety of the entire land, even though you experience many challenges.

Download to manage an amazing living toy world that responds to every tiny decision you make!

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  • Latest Version: Army Toys Town v3.0.7
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  • Developer: Naxeex Action & RPG Games
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