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Army Tycoon: Idle Base is a simulation game with a military base theme. Are you interested in learning how soldiers are trained and how a country trains a variety of highly skilled soldiers who are always prepared for combat? Army Tycoon: Idle Base will provide you with the right answer when you take charge of a large group of soldiers on a dangerous and stunning battleground. Outsmart, outfight, and lead your troops to total victory!


In Army Tycoon: Idle Base, you will command your customized battlegroup and lead your troop units to victory on the tactical and dynamic battlefields. Your job is to take care of the base and also create a group of skilled soldiers to fight for your country when needed. In this game, you only need to use one finger to press the buttons on the screen. By doing this, you can achieve many important goals such as upgrading, investing, or improving.

※ Choose Your Leadership Style

Pick the way you want to lead from the first option. As the person in charge of the whole base area. At first, the size isn’t big, set clear goals and ask for advice from experts to make the best decision when starting. The game goes in various ways to manage the military base. Some people believe it is important to hire skilled and famous experienced soldiers to teach new soldiers, while others prefer to invest in equipment and technology for sports fields or are eager to invest, carefully examine details, and follow strict military rules and regulations for managing their spiritual life right from the start. If you invest in different things when you are starting out, it will affect how you lead in the future.

※ Create a Scientific Military Environment

If you have more money, you can invest in things like equipment, technology, training grounds, mock battlefields, and different types of simulated combat scenes to help train soldiers. If these areas are made and run well, soldiers will get stronger and stronger, using all of their abilities and strength. They started off as a weak soldier but eventually became skilled and capable of handling any situation on the battlefield.

※ Upgrade Your Base

Get additional money by effectively managing your army, then use some of that money to invest in your base. Provide more buildings, increase the size of training spaces, and add furniture for the areas where soldiers live and relax. Begin with the most basic, necessary, and important requirements. After that, you start making changes to the current parts to make them better and improve the training process for soldiers.

※ Invest From the Mandatory to the Advanced

Receive extra money as a reward for efficiently managing your army, and use some of it to invest in your base. We need to provide more buildings and structures, make the training areas bigger, and include more furniture for the places where soldiers live and relax. Begin with the very basic and necessary needs. Afterward, you work on making the existing parts better so that the soldier training process becomes more efficient and improves in quality.

※ Embrace New Soldiers

With a larger size, better training abilities, and a series of impressive wins, your base area becomes well-known compared to other areas. Any beginner wants to join the group for training, and this is when you should consider requesting additional money. Simultaneously, there is a plan to make the infrastructure, tools, and equipment more robust in order to have enough capacity to accommodate new recruits.

Are you ready to take command? Download and experience a constantly changing battlefield that has never appeared more stunning, with incredible landscapes and intense destruction.

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