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Do you enjoy playing apocalyptic-inspired RPGs with a mood of space action? Do you’ve got what it takes to fight against fiendish powers that eat up your world?

Artery Gear Fusion is a Japanese anime-style role-playing game where you can experience HD cel-shading, combinations of moves that can be performed endlessly, intense reactions, and modern and exciting action in real time. Let’s enjoy a unique story that is presented through various forms of media, including immersive stage events & star-studded voice cast, and become part of the legend!


In Artery Gear Fusion, you will enter a world where humans are fighting to stay alive in a war against scary aliens called The Puppets who have been given the job by the enemy to destroy your world. To protect your world, you need to control the mech girls and make them fight against them. Humanity was very close to dying out, but the strong robot girls saved them…

You’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery as you assume the role of these robot girls, called Arter Gears, the only ones who can beat the Puppets in our world. You are in charge of a team called Artery Gear with the ultimate mission to eliminate all of the weird creatures and bring peace to the world that is currently in chaos.


With an anime style and role-playing elements, Artery Gear Fusion also has a random summon gacha mode. The creators of the game, BILIBILI worked hard to make it different from other anime games, and it’s crystal-clear that they succeeded.

In Artery Gear Fusion, your main goal is to guide your team of Artery Gears to defeat the Puppets. These powerful puppets look like monsters and they have the power to destroy your world. To create a stronger team, you need to hire characters with a high level of rarity, which will help your team be better at defeating the Puppets who can cause more damage than regular characters. Although it may be challenging to recruit them, having them on your team will help you make fast progress in the game.

🎁 The Gacha System

Since it started, the gacha has been made with a lot of care. It lets you summon pretty female fighters, and there are over 100 different looks to choose from. Some have more unique designs and are considered more valuable. In addition, to make the game more interesting, the female heroes are categorized into three main types and sub-types when they reach certain levels, which allows you to create a powerful team based on your preferences.

🎮 Combo-based System

Moreover, in your group of 4 fighters, you have the option to arrange them in various positions according to their individual abilities, allowing players to always have an exciting and engaging experience. Even though it may seem hard, you will get instructions to help you enjoy the game completely.

📜 Explore Various Storyline

Despite the main mission system, the developer also includes side missions that are based on events, characters, and timelines. These side missions often offer valuable equipment rewards or allow gamers to find super rare female warriors, which keeps them engaged until the very end. The characters summoned in the game have their own voices and unique backstories mixed with the main plot, which excites players as they gradually uncover the unsolved mysteries in the game’s world. This wonderful role-playing game will definitely immerse you in strategic battlefields along with your fellow heroes.

Tons of gorgeous playable characters await! Lead your loveable and beautiful army into battle and vanquish hordes of enemies in a turn-based strategy now!


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  • Latest Version: Artery Gear Fusion v1.0.20
  • Category: Role-playing
  • Developer: BILIBILI
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 4.4+
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