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Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) means that you may feel nice tingling feelings in your head, scalp, back, or anywhere in your body because of things you see, hear, touch, smell, or think about.

If you want tones that will make you feel great, you’ve come to the right place. In ASMR Slicing, with the sounds of the world around, you’ll experience unique sounds when slicing everything in your own style: a brick, a toy, a piece of soft cheese, or even a whole green planet, and everything is possible. Have you ever tried an ASMR game? If not, give ASMR Slicing a try, and start your slicing now.


You just need to control the knife and make fast cuts to all the things in front of you. The action and sound keep happening again and again. You might feel the need to do them repeatedly until you feel relaxed. Also, the repeating sound you hear until you finish all the things will make you feel very satisfied in a way that is hard to explain in words.

No-brainer Gameplay

ASMR Slicing is not a difficult game to play. The goal of this game is very different from most other games. ASMR Slicing aims to make players feel calm and relaxed, while also providing some enjoyable and slightly exciting moments. Simply by using a knife to cut everything on a cutting board, you can hear interesting and peculiar sounds from the dishes being sliced. How to Play:

  • Choose the item that you like the most and relax your mind.
  • Control the knife and slice it to hear a sound.
  • ASMR Slicing has various in-game items that bring comfort and relaxation.
  • Just keep slicing, and you will start to feel calm and relaxed.

Endless Slicing

The main thing that affects the sound when cutting is the jaggery. Don’t forget, if you used a knife to cut a brick, the sound it makes would give you chills. If you use the same knife to cut a lemon or a cucumber, they will feel very different. When you cut a lemon, it will feel juicy and make you feel a bit uncomfortable. But when you cut a cucumber, it will feel soft and won’t make you uncomfortable. The type of material and how tightly packed the molecules are inside determine how the cut feels and sounds.

Infinite Imagination

Have you ever cut something much crazier, using a material that’s difficult to picture in your mind? A small Lego toy, a stick of metal, a soft piece of rubber, and a plastic ball that is hard and filled with plastic. A whole world. What if you cut a whole planet into pieces? Perhaps many different sounds will blend together.

ASMR Slicing players enjoy the surprise of not knowing what items they will encounter. Every time a new stage opens, you feel happy and start thinking about all the different sounds you will hear.

Remastered Soundtrack

The main focus of an ASMR game is the sound it creates. The knife moves easily at a moderate speed. A mature haircut is not influenced or limited by other physical factors. The noise when the knife lightly touches the thing and then smoothly cuts it is pleasant and regular, and this material sounds just like you imagine or even better than you know. The mix of repetitive actions, pleasing slicing, and soothing sounds creates a therapeutic game environment that allows you to escape from the pressures of everyday life.

Get ready to enter the ASMR Slicing world, the ultimate sensory experience that combines the satisfying slicing with the calming effects of ASMR!

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  • Latest Version: ASMR Slicing v2.0.0.4
  • Category: Casual
  • Developer: CrazyLabs LTD
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 6.0+
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