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Assoluto Racing v2.13.13 MOD APK(Complete Levels)

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Welcome to Assoluto Racing, the drift capital of the world! With its multiplayer races happening in real-time, you can feel like you are realistically driving fancy cars. The excellent visual and audio experience of Assoluto Racing attracts millions of players who are enthusiastic about racing. Enjoy real-time online racing on the bustling streets of Tokyo and show off your amazing driving and racing abilities in Assoluto Racing now!


Drift races on open streets, iconic racetracks, a one-of-a-kind collection of vehicles with a wide range of tuning and styling customization options, and a vast game world await!

🚗 Feel The Whirr Of The Engine

When you start playing the first race in Assoluto Racing, even experienced players will enjoy the realistic physics simulation that is part of the game. Flexibility in controlling the game is achieved by using virtual buttons or by tilting the phone. Clash phases are the different stages or moments of conflict in the game. You like when the car hits bumps and crashes, and you hear people scream when you turn quickly on unsafe roads. Don’t overlook the many strong sensations you may experience while driving, which may cause you to forget you are playing a game on your phone. You will feel like you are playing a racing game on a gaming system or computer.

🏎 Customize Your Car

The JDM world wouldn’t be complete without a deep customizing system where you can design your car to have a unique style by changing the lights, painting the car, or putting on fancy stickers. If you want to make your car faster and have different qualities, you can install a new transmission, and the easiest way to make the car go faster is to make it lighter. Making small changes to certain parts can also help you gain an advantage in competition. But no matter what kind of vehicle it is, the experience of driving it is always thrilling and special. You don’t need to change anything to keep the car as it is.

🏆 Events and Rewards

In Assoluto Racing, you can be yourself and chase your dream of becoming a professional racer. If you can beat other players in various tracks and do well, you will earn big bonuses. Depending on what’s going on, you can decide to use the money to buy more engines and vehicle parts to make your racing car special.

🗾 Open World With Versatile Racetracks

With Assoluto Racing, you will get to try out high-quality, eco-friendly racetracks with awesome racing cars. This game has famous car brands like BMW and McLaren. Try out the racetracks, earn cool achievements, and get new cars, your racing adventure is even more exciting with lots of new cars that look like they came straight from a car magazine.

🎬 Scenes Have Never Been So Satisfying

The lively racing scene is made to look like real natural landscapes. In the game, people are encouraged to drive fast and show off their skills. In Assoluto Racing, you can drive on famous Tokyo highways and experience beautiful green scenery and well-designed tracks. This is a great chance to explore Japan for free. The beautiful scenery and colorful nature on every road in Assoluto Racing make the races exciting and enjoyable. A romantic person who always feels happy in any situation. Even during tough and stressful times, like finishing a race, turning sharply on winding roads, or racing in a dark tunnel with other competitors.

Assoluto Racing is just like a true representation of what a racing game actually is. If you want to go on a racing adventure, start playing this game now!


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  • Latest Version: Assoluto Racing v2.13.13
  • Category: Racing
  • Developer: Infinity Vector Ltd
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  • Android Version: Android 9.0+
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